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Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs & Puppies

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Fleas and ticks aren’t just annoying for you and uncomfortable for your pets, fleas and ticks carry diseases that can afflict you and your family. Keeping your pets free of fleas and ticks is relatively easy and usually doesn’t require a vet visit or a vet prescription because fleas and ticks are external parasites. Choose from Pet Drugs Online’s wide variety of flea and tick treatments from Seresto collars - suitable for puppies 6 weeks and older; Frontline Plus spot on - suitable for puppies of 8 weeks weighing at least 2kg; Advantage spot on - suitable for puppies of 8 weeks; non-prescription Program flea tablets for dogs, or treat fleas, ticks and worms together with our 12 month flea and worm treatments for dogs. We also have a variety of household flea sprays like Indorex flea spray and Frontline Flea Spray suitable for dogs and puppies of just 2 days old.

In severe cases of flea and tick infestation, you may need to take your dog to a vet and get a prescription grade flea and tick treatment. Pet Drugs Online offers up to 60% savings on over 80 different prescription flea treatments for dogs and puppies. Ask your vet for the prescription so you can purchase your dog’s flea medication with us. Upload your vet’s prescription, order your dog’s flea treatment, and it will be delivered to your door. No hassle, great savings, and free delivery on orders over £29.

Browse our huge range of tick and flea treatments for dogs today to keep your furry friend happy and your house flea-free. We stock the most popular brands from Advantage and Indorex, to Frontline and Seresto.

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  1. You save 62%
    Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment 921
    Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment
    SRP £26.35
    Save £16.40
  2. You save 41%
    Seresto Collar for Fleas and Ticks on Dogs and Puppies 2251
  3. You save 58%
    Indorex Flea Spray Household Defence 13173
    Indorex Flea Spray Household Defence
    SRP £25.19
    Save £14.76
  4. You save 61%
    12 Month Flea & Worm Treatment For Dogs – Advantage & Drontal
  5. You save 40%
    Frontline Plus For Dogs And Frontline Homegard Spray Bundle 3246
  6. You save 44%
    Capstar Flea Tablets For Cats & Dogs 1674
  7. You save 55%
    Scalibor Collar 1011
    Scalibor Collar
    SRP £46.15
    Save £25.51
  8. You save 43%
    Frontline Flea Spray for Cats
  9. You save 13%
    Flevox Spot-On Small Dog 2-10kg 3666
  10. You save 14%
    O'tom Tick Remover 1370
    O'tom Tick Remover
    SRP £4.51
    Save £0.65
  11. You save 59%
    Advocate Spot On for Dogs 250 (10-25kg) 2951
    Advocate Spot On for Dogs 250 (10-25kg)
    SRP £36.36
    Save £21.60
  12. You save 27%
    Fipnil Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment For Dogs 3200
  13. You save 55%
    Program Flea Tablets For Dogs 440
  14. You save 36%
    Frontline Homegard Household Flea Spray 9969
  15. You save 30%
    Vectra 3D 3.6ml Medium Dog 10-25kg 9335
  16. You save 11%
    Flevox Spot-On Large Dog 20-40kg 3668
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Why Should You Treat for Fleas and Ticks?

When it comes to fleas and ticks, an ounce of prevention is better than pound of cure. Preventing fleas and ticks before they occur is better for your dog and easier on you, which is why you should use flea treatments regularly – even if your dog doesn’t have fleas or ticks.

If your dog gets fleas – you will see them on either you or your dog, your dog will constantly scratch or bite his fur, you might see flea bites or your arms or legs, and you might see fleas in the upholstery of your furniture, on your drapes, or in your carpeting – getting a fast acting, over-the-counter flea treatment for your dog and a household flea spray is highly recommended.

It is important to know that fleas and ticks don’t go away on their own. Fleas only jump on dogs for a few minutes to feed, then they then hide usually along a dog’s underbelly, which is why fleas can infest floors and carpeting so quickly.

Fleas and ticks are harmful to you and your pets. Fleas can carry tapeworm eggs that can cause a tapeworm infection in your dog. Some dogs are allergic to fleas and get dermatitis from the bites or constant itching and licking their fur. If your dog has an allergic reaction to fleas, you will need to get the dog seen by a vet, and the vet may prescribe a flea treatment not available over-the-counter.

While fleas are extremely annoying to humans, except in rare circumstances they are not dangerous. If you have an allergic reaction to flea bites, see a doctor for treatment.

Ticks, on the other hand, can be dangerous to both dogs and humans and you should be very diligent about preventing ticks – especially if you take your dog to the woods or forested areas. Ticks can attach to you and/or your dog for a few days and drop off once they have finished their blood meal. Because ticks can carry Lyme disease, it’s important to see a doctor for you and a vet for your dog if you’ve been bitten by ticks.

There is no "Best Flea Treatment" for Dogs

The best flea treatment for some might not be the best for you or your dog. Some dogs love flea collars, on others a spot-on flea treatment works better, and some dogs respond best to flea tablets. We supply a full range of non-prescription and prescription flea treatments for your dog.

Spot On Flea Treatment For Dogs

Spot-on flea treatments are a liquid in a pipette that you empty on to your dog’s skin at the back of the neck. They are easy to administer, especially if your dog has difficultly taking tablets. Dosages are different for various sizes of dog, so be sure to know your dog’s weight when choosing a flea spot-on treatment. We carry Flevox, Fipnil and Fipnil Plus, Effipro and Effipro Duo, Imidaflea, Prac-tic, Vectra, and more.

How often you apply spot on flea and tick treatments depends on the brand you choose. For many of these treatments, applying the spot on every four weeks will give optimum protection.

Flea Collars For Dogs

Pet Drugs Online offers two kinds of flea collars for dogs: Scalibor collars, which protect against tick infestations, biting flies and mosquitos, and Seresto flea collars with tick control. Both collars are available without a prescription and are recommended by vets. It is important to note that Scalibor collars should not be used on dogs that come in close contact with cats, the active ingredients in Scalibor collars can be toxic to cats.  

Flea Tablets For Dogs

Most flea tablets for dogs are prescription-only medicines, but Program and Capstar can be purchased over-the-counter. Capstar is for flea infestations and works within 15 minutes for 24 hours. Program prevents fleas and should be taken once a month for at least six month.  You will need a prescription from your vet to buy other flea tablets at our discounted online price.

Flea Spray

Flea sprays include household sprays to help to kill fleas in the home, as well as flea spray treatments for your dog. Some of these sprays are suitable for both dog and home treatments. These include popular brands such as Frontline flea spray and prescription only Effipro flea spray.