Joint Supplements for Horses

Keep your horse active and performing well with our joint supplement range. Formulated by experts to support your horse’s joint tissue and mobility, this collection will support ageing horses or horses with an injury to enhance their physical health and keep them happy and comfortable.


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    NAF Superflex Senior for Horses 101203
    NAF Five Star Superflex Senior Joint Supplement for Horses
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    NAF Devils Relief 11555
    NAF Devil's Relief Joint Support for Horses
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    NAF Glucosamine 12,000 Plus with MSM for Horses
    NAF Glucosamine 12,000 Plus with MSM for Horses
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    4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Horse  1132
    4CYTE Epiitalis Forte Horse
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    Newmarket Joint Supplement 1360
    Newmarket Glucosamine Joint Supplement for Horses
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    NAF Five Star Metazone Liquid for Horses 15850
    NAF Five Star Metazone Liquid for Horses
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Showing 1-24 of 28 Products


Why do Horses Need Joint Supplements? 

Feeding your horse the right diet to keep them happy and healthy is key for their nutrition. However, horses usually don’t get what they need from their food to keep their joints healthy in the long term. Preventative measures, such as equine joint supplements, help care for your horse from the beginning so when they develop and age, their health isn’t compromised. Often as horse’s age, their mobility can become slower as their joints and limbs become stiff. Shopping for the perfect horse joint supplement can take time but we’ve collaborated with the nation’s favourite brands to make sure you feel confident in your order and that your horse is getting the nutrition which is right for them.

When Should You Feed Your Horse Joint Supplements? 

While getting the right advice is key, joint supplements for horses are a great supplement to introduce into your horse’s diet from early stages. By feeding them glucosamine for horses at a younger age, you will be helping to prevent issues in your horse’s joint health later on. Equine joint supplements are most affective as a preventive measure rather than a solution or quick fix, so feel prepared and stock up on your horse joint supplements ready for the future.

The Best Joint Supplements for Horses

Our equine joint supplements have been developed by experts and approved by vets to give you the very best quality and most effective results. Caring for their your horse’s joints doesn’t have to be complicated.

NAF Devils Relief 

NAF Devils Relief horse joint supplement has been formulated to target stiffness in horses and help those with joint pain and limited flexibility. This equine joint supplement is formulated from devil’s claw (a herb native to Africa) and a combination of herbal tinctures. This five-star rated product will target joint comfort and stiffness, promote circulation, and supports healing and strengthen joint and skeletal integrity.

Cosequin Equine 

Described by customers as ‘Excellent’ and ‘Have just put my horse on this and she is more comfortable in her joints already’, Cosequin Equine joint supplement for horses is an effective and easy to use, with easy application and great results this horse joint supplement is one you need.  

Equistro Flexadin UCII Powder 

Formulated to support joint health and mobility, Equistro Flexadin’s  joint supplements for horses with arthritis will help your horse be back to their old selves in no time. With key ingredients to support not only their joints but their immune system, this equine joint supplement is crucial to supporting your horse’s health and wellbeing.