Guinea Pig Food

Shop quality brands for less, browse the best option from guinea pig treats to guinea pig pellets and help make their mealtimes a highlight of the day. Save on the nations favourite brands and products including Excel, Gerty Guinea Pig, and Oxbow.


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    Science Selective Guinea Pig Food
    Science Selective™ Balanced Guinea Pig Food
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    Oxbow™ Orchard Grass Hay for Small Pets
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Nutritious Guinea Pig Food

Shop premium guinea pig food for less in our delicious range. Feel spoilt for choice and confident when browsing for food to cater for your pet’s balanced diet. We know how picky guinea pigs can be, almost as much as their owners- and rightly so. Give them what they deserve from high-quality recipes to excellent treats, you can count on us to stock up your supply cupboard. With all the right vitamins and minerals, your guinea pig will benefit in the short and long term from their mealtimes. At Pet Drugs Online, we specialise in offering you variety. Guinea pigs develop their food preferences early in life, so we offer different flavours available and a huge variety of ingredients, to make a choice for your pet and regain control of their diet depend on their favourite. Guinea pigs are true herbivores and love their nutrients, build your bond with them, and love them well.

The Best Guinea Pig Food Brands

Keep their bowl topped up with food to reflect a great diet. We've decided to team up with only veterinary approved brand to make sure your pet is getting the nourishment they deserve.


Promote your guinea pig’s happiness with Excel, a well-established brand who specialise in small pet food. Their Excel Tasty Nuggets for Guinea Pigs is five-star rated and offers a delicious food featuring endless benefits. Highlights of this product include naturally night in fibre, high levels of protected vitamin C, contains a natural prebiotic for their digestive system and contains vitamins and minerals to care for healthy eyes, skin and coat. Described by customers include, ‘My boys love this. Vitamin C fix!’ and ‘My guinea pigs love the food and good value too!’.

Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Mix

Trust Gerty Guinea Pig to care for your pet. With a nutritionally balanced set of ingredients, this food is suitable for all guinea pigs no matter their shape or size. Promote your guinea pig’s health and vitality with a tasty bowl full of Tasty Mix.


Oxbow are well-known for their research in small pets. Specialising in their herbivore food, your guinea pig can feast on a complete and concentrated food supplement for small pets which can be easily fed through a syringe or eaten without help. This choice allows you to care for your pet even when they’re unwell or recovering.