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Optimmune® Eye Ointment for Dogs 2mg/g

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Optimmune is used for the treatment of chronic recurrent conjunctivitis resulting from auto-immune disease of the eye.

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This is a prescription item and will be sent once a valid prescription has been received and approved by our vet.

Optimmune is an eye ointment containing cyclosporin and is used to treat recurrent conjunctivitis resulting from autoimmune eye disease in dogs. These include Dry Eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca or KCS) and Pannus (chronic superficial keratitis).

What is conjunctivitis in dogs?

Conjunctivitis (dry eye syndrome) is an uncomfortable but common condition in dogs which causes severe drying and inflammation of the cornea. Tears are important for keeping a dog's eyes healthy and providing lubrication and nourishment. When tear levels are low, thick, often itchy, yellow/green discharge can develop around the eyes, reappearing after being wiped away.


How to use Optimmune Eye Ointment

Precautions: Avoid contact with the skin, wear gloves and wash hands after use.
Remove any excessive discharge from the eye before application

Step by Step Application:

1 - Squeeze the tube to expel the air inside gently.  There is usually a small amount of Optimmune in the nozzle. The first time the tube is squeezed, the product is usually ejected suddenly, and a small amount may be lost. The loss can be minimised if you know this will happen and are careful. Squeeze out the air very gently until the product shows at the nozzle and the tube appears two-thirds empty. This will avoid excess wastage.

2 - Use only the equivalent of the top section of a ballpoint pen or a short grain of rice, i.e. 3mm. This licensed dose will provide the optimum clinical effects with maximum economy.

3 - The best application method is to wipe a small amount onto the underside of the upper eyelid. The ointment base is an excellent lubricant, and it will spread over the eye when your dog blinks.

4 - The tube should be kept at room temperature. If it is too warm, the base becomes oily, and it isn't easy to get the recommended dose. You can put the tube in the fridge for 10 - 15 minutes to firm it up, which works well. However, if it is in the fridge too long, it becomes semi-solid and may burst the tube.

5 - Don't roll up the tube during use to get that last drop out. You may end up with cracked tubes and wastage.

6 - You should discard unused products four weeks after opening. This is a recommendation for all eye products to maintain sterility. Some vets will advise using a tube for six weeks, but no longer. This restriction is in place because Optimmune does not contain preservatives or antimicrobials. Adding these would alter the composition and action of the product.

7 - 12 hourly dosing is ideal. It is worthwhile keeping treatments evenly spaced as Optimmune often works better twice daily than just once. Some clients have reported that a tube can last six weeks when dosing both eyes twice daily.

Optimmune for dogs is a prescription item; please follow the instructions given by your

Optimmune Eye Ointment 2mg/g is available in the following size:
  • 3.5g Tube
  • Active Ingredient
    Cyclosporine A
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