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We know that worming your small pet can feel like a chore, but it’s so important to keep on top of  it. By providing a routine worming treatment, you can avoid intestinal parasites such as worms and also the potentially deadly E.Cuniculi. Shop from our collection of small animal wormers including Panacur rabbit wormer and Prinivox ferret dewormers.


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Why Should You Treat Your Small Pet for Worms?

hile we understand as pet owners the struggle it is to remember to worm your pet and the frustration it can be to apply the treatment, it has inspired us to create a much quicker and easier process. All of our applicators on the worming treatments we stock are user-friendly with easy and simple instructions to keep you satisfied from the results. We've collaborated with big brands to make sure your pet is getting the quality they deserve but with a more sustainable cost. Worming is incredibly important to avoid nasty diseases and illnesses later on in life, and of course large vet bills.

Defend your pet against the development of worms and protect them against kidney disease, neurological disease, malnourishment, and a loss of appetite. Some pets may show signs such as constant itching, biting, and scratching infected areas, rectal prolapse and especially inflammation of the skin. Keep them cared for and watch out for those telling signs. At Pet Drugs Online, our research goes the extra mile when selecting which products will feature in our range. We're keen to deliver quality results quickly and easily, making your life easier when putting your pet’s health at the top of the priority list.

Regular worm control will help prevent further illnesses or diseases and may secure them a long and happy life. From tablets and spot-on treatments to syringes there is something here to suit any pet as well as making it easy for you to do on a lunch break, after a walk or between the ad breaks. Try hiding a tablet in their favourite snack, giving them a reward after application, or burying it within their food.

Best Wormer Treatments for Small Pets

Get the job done quickly and confidently with our deworming allies Prinovox and Panacur. Worming will be made easy and affordable with unmatched prices to keep all small pet’s worm-free.


Prinovox offers a broad spectrum parasiticide for the treatment and prevention of lungworm, fleas, lice, mites, heartworm, and roundworms in small animals. With quick results and many sold every day, it is easy to see why this spot-on treatment is the ideal de-wormer for our furry friends.


These pellet supplements can be added to drinking water or fed directly to support poultry health and care for their wellbeing. Reviews include, ‘Easy to feed, chickens ate it’, ‘Good price and quick delivery’ as well as ‘You don't have to try and work out complicated doses as they will eat this out of your hand and you know how much each bird is getting.’.


Panacur is known for their oral deworming medication and recommended by specialists for it’s easy applicator and successful reputation. Their Rabbit Paste is a broad-spectrum wormer for domestic rabbits with five-star reviews and only a small percentage of the original price when it’s sold at veterinary surgeries.

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Take the stress out of worming and enjoying outstanding service, from the click of a button, watch everything you need be delivered directly to your door, hassle-free.