There’s nothing quite like the love of a good dog, and at Pet Drugs Online, we want to make sure you have everything you need to keep your pup happy and healthy. At Pet Advice, you can find all the information you need, from choosing the best dog food to training guides.

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There’s nothing quite like the love of a good dog, and we want to make sure you as a dog owner have everything you need to keep your pup happy and healthy. At Pet Advice, you can find all the information you need, from advice on dog nutrition to recommendations for dog healthcare products, as well as insight into dog well-being and dog behaviour and training.

Can dogs get diabetes header | Pet Drugs Online
22 November 2023

Can Dogs Get Diabetes?

Diabetes is a life-long condition that can have dire consequences on your dog's health if not managed properly. Find out more about canine diabetes, including the early warning signs and what treatments are available, in our latest blog.

Get rid of fleas inthe home
15 November 2023

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House

Did you know that only 5% of fleas in an infestation are on your pet? Flea eggs, larvae and pupae are able to burrow into your home, making it even easier for them to reinfest your pet. Here, we explain how to combat the fleas living in your home, so you can effectively break the flea lifecycle.

Firework Stress for Pets Header
1 November 2023

Why Are Pets Scared of Fireworks & What Can You Do to Help

While we find fireworks delightful, they can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in pets. Here we discuss the effects fireworks may have on your pet and how you can help them cope with this Bonfire Night.

Why is my dog's eyes red | Pet Drugs Online
25 October 2023

Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red?

Red eyes are a sure sign that something is wrong with your dog, whether the condition is related to their eyes or not. From glaucoma and dry eye to allergies and conjunctivitis, find out what's causing your dog's red eyes and how to treat it. 

Dog Tear Stains: Causes & Treatment
18 October 2023

Dog Tear Stains: Causes & Treatment

Does your dog suffer from tear staining? You’re not alone. Tear stains are a common problem that many dog owners face, but that’s where we come in. Learn how to recognise and treat tear stains in dogs with our latest blog.

Essential Oils Toxic to Pets Header
12 October 2023

Essential Oils That Are Toxic to Pets

Just because something is natural doesn’t necessarily make it safe. Essential oils have been used for decades for their lovely smells and are often found in various products and practices,  including homeware products, beauty products, aromatherapy, and more. But did you know some of these oils also pose a deadly threat to our four-legged friends? 

Puppy behavioural guide header
6 October 2023

Puppy Behaviour Guide

When they're not napping or being cute and cuddly, new puppies can be a bit of a handful, especially if you don’t understand the reasons behind their behaviour. Here, we answer some of the top questions new puppy owners ask when it comes to puppy behaviour. 

What Dogs Are Banned in the UK Header
2 October 2023

What Dogs Are Banned in the UK?

In 1991, the UK Government passed the Dangerous Dog Act, which prohibits people from owning and breeding specific breeds of dogs considered “dangerous”. With another breed potentially joining the list, we’ve decided to take a look at the current list of banned dogs in the UK and what it means for dog owners. 

Autumn Pet Safety Tips Header
18 September 2023

Autumn Pet Safety Tips

As the seasons change again, so do the potential threats to your pet's health. In our latest blog, we take a look at some of the main dangers to consider this autumn to keep your pet safe. 

The dangers of grass seed to dogs header
4 September 2023

Is Grass Seed Dangerous for Dogs?

We all love watching our dogs play in the grass, but as the time comes for grass seeds to start germinating, we take a look at some of the dangers that can pose for your dog and what you can do to help protect your dog from grass seed.