Cat Eye & Ear Products

Give your cats vision and hearing the special treatment with a range of expertly formulated products which have been designed with your pet in mind. Featuring in our collection are cat ear care, cat repair gels, cat eye drops and solutions to help them feel their best.

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  1. You save 38%
    Remend® BioHAnce™ Corneal Gel for Dogs, Cats & Horses
  2. You save 34%
    Epiotic Ear Cleaner 1167
    EpiOtic® Ear Cleanser for Dogs and Cats
    SRP £13.06
    Save £4.49
  3. You save 19%
    Ocry-gel Cat & Dog Eye Lubricant 3202
  4. You save 31%
    Vetruus Otodine Ear Solution 3644
  5. You save 28%
    Dechra MalAcetic Aural Apple Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats
  6. You save 43%
    TrizAural Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs 2260
  7. You save 20%
    Otodex Cat & Dog Ear Cleaner - Treats Cat & Dog Ear Mites 1548
    Otodex® Ear Drops for Cats & Dogs
    SRP £8.14
    Save £1.65
  8. You save 32%
    Vetruus CLX Cleansing Wipes 3640
  9. You save 16%
    Vetruus Clorexyderm Oto Ear Solution 3638
  10. You save 18%
    Optixcare® Eye Lube for Cats, Dogs and Horses
    Optixcare® Eye Lube for Cats, Dogs and Horses
    SRP £14.20
    Save £2.62
  11. You save 28%
    Vetruus Otoact Ear Solution 3681
  12. You save 6%
    Optixcare Eye Cleaning Solution
  13. You save 29%
    Surosolve Ear Cleaner 2128
    Surosolve Ear Cleaner
    SRP £27.07
    Save £8.11
  14. You save 27%
    Cerumaural Ear flush 3802
    Cerumaural Ear flush
    SRP £30.42
    Save £8.45
  15. You save 48%
    Dechra CleanAural® Cat Ear Cleaner 2222
    Dechra CleanAural® Ear Cleaner for Cats
    SRP £14.36
    Save £7.03
  16. You save 31%
    Vetruus Before-x Ear Solution 3823
  17. You save 24%
    Otoclean Ear Cleaner 1345
    Otoclean Ear Cleaner
    SRP £25.38
    Save £6.18
  18. You save 17%
    Dechra CleanOcular® Tear Stain Remover for Dogs and Cats 1189
  19. You save 26%
    DOUXO® Care Auricular Lotion 1055
    DOUXO® Care Auricular Lotion for Dogs & Cats
    SRP £18.90
    Save £4.94
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Showing 1-24 of 37 products

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Caring for your cat's ears and eyes

The vision and hearing ability of your cat massively contributes to their health and wellbeing, supporting their natural instincts and day-to-day life. However, if your cat is ageing or developing a condition, these senses may be affected and could worsen in the long term sometimes resulting in your cat becoming blind or deaf.

We know that watching your pet’s health decline is always unpleasant and can sometimes feel like their health is out of our control, or it creates a boundary in your bonding and communication. However, with this range of eye and ear treatments, your cat will be well on their way to excellent vision and hearing. Our ear and eye drops are five-star rated by veterinary experts and have been hand selected to sit in this collection. The products allow your pet to have professional-quality care from the comfort of your own home. With easy-to-use applicators and instructions, you’ll feel confident treating your cat in no time.

The best ear and eye care for cats 

We have a variety of best-practise products for your cats eyes and ears. Their health is a priority to us as much as it is to you, so we stock a range of products to help support these vital senses. Not only do they provide results, but help improve the overall health of your pet, meaning they are back to their old selves in no time. These products are designed with your cat in mind, so their formulas are gentle and consider the eyes and ears as sensitive areas. Not only will they help fight infection but help to prevent further loss in their sight or hearing. Some of our most popular brands are:


This bestselling brand has developed the product Otoact Ear Solution which contains cleaning agents such as squalene, salicylic acid, camomile, and tannic acid. Vetruus has designed this product to help keep your cat’s ears in good health while maintaining their hygiene and defending against the build-up of wax. Our vet says, ‘This is great for dissolving excess wax and providing good ear hygiene. It is really soothing for your pet and totally safe. Simply shake the bottle, squeeze the fluid into the ear and massage for a few seconds.’.


Oxtodex Ear Drops are a fast-acting solution to help clear the build-up of ear wax in your cat, relieve scratching and kills any mites. Care for your cat’s hearing and keep them comfortable while ridding of any irritation after application.

Clean Ocular

This eye solution has been created with an effective formula to mildly cleanse the eye area to rid of any bacteria build up or dust. It soothes from any irritation and is ideal for cleaning away tear stains. Improve your cat’s eye health and love them well for less.

Cat Eye and Ear Care With Pet Drugs Online

Take control of your cat’s health by having access to as many treatments and medications they may need for just a fraction of the price. We stock a vast range of prescription and non-prescription cat healthcare products, including ear and eye care in the form of drops, wipes, ointments and more. You can be confident that all products available on Pet Drugs Online are trusted by our vets.