Liquid Dog Food

Liquid dog food is an option for elderly dogs, puppies and sickly dogs that may struggle with solid foods. Our range includes food that supports dogs' digestive systems and puppy milk for young pups.


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What is Liquid Dog Food?

Liquid dog food is, very simply, dog food in a liquid format. There are no solid parts in this food, making it easy for an ill, young, or injured dog to eat. These foods tend to be complete foods and will give your dog all the vitamins and minerals, proteins and fats that your dog needs.It can be difficult to know which liquid food to choose for your pooch, if they are unable to eat solid food. But if you have been recommended to put your dog on a liquid diet, they are likely to be pointed in the direction of a suitable food.

Your vet will advise you on the type of liquid diet for dogs and how often it should be given. However, if your dog has had surgery or is recovering from an illness – a recovery liquid may be suggested, and there are a number of options available. These types of liquid food contain high levels of protein, vitamins and antioxidants to aid your dog’s recovery.

Best liquid dog food

There is not one single best liquid dog food – it all depends on your dog’s condition and what your dog prefers. As with any food, snacks or treats, natural options are a good idea – without grains and fillers. Some have a sweet fragrance, others are meat flavoured. You can also use some as a food topper and mix with your dog’s normal food. But always read the instructions thoroughly and ask your vet if you’re not sure.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin offer all types of liquid diet for dogs – milk replacement, high calorie liquid for dogs and liquid dog food for sick dogs. And because Royal Canin is scientifically formulated for your dog’s condition, you have peace of mind that you are offering your dog the best option possible. Also, most dogs will find Royal Canin highly palatable – which we know is important to you as a dog owner. Enjoying their food is key to their wellbeing.

Other liquid dog food brands

There are other brands available such as Welpi, Provimi and Oralade. It may be case of testing one or two options to see which your dog prefers. It’s also worthwhile considering cost and convenience when weighing up options – especially if this is a long-term diet change.

Whatever liquid dog food you choose, we have a range that covers various needs for choosing a liquid diet. What’s more, you can be sure that you are getting great value for money with our low prices. We only stock vet-trusted products too, so you can be sure you are feeding your dog the best that they can get.