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Grooming your horse can be a rewarding task. Help your horse look their best with top grooming brands.


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    Leucillin Natural Antiseptic Skincare
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Reasons to Groom Your Horse Regularly 

Grooming your horse promotes many benefits for both you and them. While it keeps us fit and improves the bond with our horse, it helps them with good hygiene and to avoid any illness or the build-up of bacteria. A thorough horse grooming regime helps to improve your horse’s wellbeing and allows you to remove any dust and mud, pick out the feet and tidy their mane and tail with our line of shampoo for horses. Grooming your horse helps you get a closer look and even spot anu conditions that might be concerning, as well as building trust for when you want to apply medication or treatments in the future. A trusting horse that cooperates allows you to care for their health even further. 

Best Grooming Products for Horses 

Shop from our premium collection of horse grooming products and feel confident when applying. The quick and easy design of these products allows for quick access and hassle-free use to reach results faster. Designed by veterinary experts and horse owners, put your horse in safe hands with the best horse grooming brands such as Epi-Soothe, Leucillin and Ocryl.


Epi-Sooth is a soap-free horse shampoo that is designed for soothing and cleansing mild itches on dry and sensitive skin. This is the best horse shampoo, our vet says, ‘This is mild enough to use regularly to soothe, soften and hydrate the skin and works long after it’s been rinsed away. It gets a thumbs up from us!’


Leucillin horse grooming spray is used when you horse has a minor wound so it can clean and flush out the bacteria, soothing sensitive skin, and eye irritations. It works effectively to harmonise with the immune system and maintains healthy, itch-free skin. Feel reassured that this product is not designed to sting or irritate your horse and will not harm any healthy tissue.


Ocyrl is for horses with tears, watery eyes, and stains on the face, this horse grooming product helps to reduce hair discolouration and gently cleanses the eye area. Contains a soothing rose extract, this horse grooming solution will help prepare the eye for other drops or ointments. Our vet says, ‘This is safe to use and sooth your horse. You can use I tup to 2-3 times a week if needed and the reviews read how much our customers love it. The results seem to be pretty dramatic.’

Feel Confident with Horse Grooming 

While grooming your horse can feel like a bit of a workout, feel excited to bond with them and create an even more trusting relationship. This collection of horse grooming and horse shampoo will help improve their wellbeing and prevent any bacteria build up or further infections.