Horse Breeding & Youngstock

We know how important it is to support your horse and their foal with trusted fertility and foal milk products, our horse breeding and youngstock collection has been designed to care for your horse’s needs during this time. Veterinary approved, this range is low cost but quickly effective with great results. Love them well.


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Caring for Horse Fertility and Young Stock 

Caring for your horse and foal from the start of their life is all about quality products and quality care. With veterinary advice, we want you to feel confident in looking after your foal and setting them up for a happy and healthy life with our range of horse breeding treatments.

Nutrition in Mares and Foals 

Vitamins and minerals are key for pregnant mares and their foals, providing them with supplements will help to keep them well-nourished and provide strength where they need support. Good nutrition is key and a fundamental step in preparing the mare for her pregnancy and for after the foal is born Audevard Bonutron Start foal nutrition is a great way of supporting your foal from their first moments to support their development and key milestones. When a foal is a newborn their development and digestive balance must be closely monitored so giving them a head start is always beneficial.

Best Horse Breeding Treatments

If your pregnant horse needs support, Equistro Haemolytan Liquid can help horses during advanced pregnancy and care for foal’s nutrition also. Containing iron, copper, cobalt and zinc, vitamin B complex and vitamin K, this product can easily delivery nutrients straight to the horse.

Sometimes the mare will not produce enough milk for the foal, Audevard Lactofoal is ideal for weaning the foal and providing the nutrients they would usually get naturally. 

Another great supplement is the Equivite Vitamin E+ Selenium Powder which has added Vitamin E and Selenium to support muscular function and immunity in horses. Containing powerful antioxidants, this supplement will help aid horses under stress and is a key supplement for breeding and pregnant mares.