Dog Walking & Travelling

Make sure you feel prepared with our dog walking and travelling accessories. This collection will help you with everything you need to help be the ultimate explorer in all weather. With travel bowls, poop bags, harnesses, and leads you have got everything in one place to suit you and your companion.


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  1. Special Offer
    Adaptil Calm-On-The-Go Collar 9256
    ADAPTIL® Calm On-The-Go Collar for Dogs
    2 products in range £17.39 £18.20
  2. Special Offer
    Adaptil Transport Spray 9258
    ADAPTIL® Transport Anxiety Spray for Dogs
    2 products in range £10.19 £17.94
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    Beco Dog Poop Bags Large 10139
    Beco Recycled Extra Large Dog Poop Bags
    5 products in range £5.48 £16.49
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    ThunderShirt Anxiety Calming Jacket for Dogs 2666
    ThunderShirt® Anxiety Calming Jacket for Dogs
    6 products in range £21.66 £25.49
  5. No Pull Halti Dog Harness 2420
    Halti® No Pull Harness for Dogs
    3 products in range £15.61 £19.45
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    Animal Instincts Flashing USB Rechargeable Hi Vis Dog Vest 10058
    Animal Instincts Flashing USB Rechargeable Hi Vis Dog Vest
    3 products in range £15.98 £17.99
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    Halti Harness 1212
    Halti® Front Control Harness for Dogs
    3 products in range £12.98 £14.99
  8. CarSafe Dog Travel Harness 9953
    CarSafe Dog Travel Harness
    2 products in range £15.29 £19.28

Showing 1-24 of 80 Products


Be Prepared With Dog Travel Accessories

Always have your four-legged friend by your side with this excellent range of equipment and accessories for your adventures. Feel free to explore with a range of trusted brands and quality products which will help keep your pet happy, healthy, and of course, cleaning up after themselves. From seat belts and Halti harnesses, to calming aids and biodegradable poop bags we have thought of everything so that you can spend more time enjoying the journey.

Shop Quality Pet Accessories

Encourage peace of mind by knowing you are able to keep yourself and your pet safe and secure while keeping their hydration levels topped up and their bodies comfortable. Long walks no longer feel like they need a long preparation process and you’re able to enjoy spontaneity again. Shop with brands including Beco, Halti and Ancol.


Beco travel bowls have been cleverly designed to fold up and be neat and compact so you can slide it in and out of your bag or boot organiser. Available in three different colours and unique on the market, these bowls are one of a kind and will bring your dog hydration on any journey. No need to set yourself a reminder to bring it, once cleaned you can leave it in your bag or car for convenience.


This no-pull brand has developed harnesses to promote comfort for both yourself and your pet. Providing instant results for any side of dog, this combination of no pull lifting action and front control steering gives you confidence with any of your pets. Available in small, medium, and large this harness will give you a smooth dog walk making it more enjoyable for everyone.


This brand provides a whole range of walking products, including a two-in-one dog poop bag dispenser and torch. Helping to illuminate your walk, keep you safe and see clearly when clearing up for your pet. With reviews including ‘Excellent’ it is a great addition to your box of tricks.