Caged Bird Food

Not only do we have a wide variety of caged bird food but it’s available for a much lower cost. Shop with Harrisons to feed your bird the nutrition it needs - from chicken feed, budgie food, poultry feed to caged bird food.


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    Harrisons Adult Lifetime Coarse
    Harrison's Adult Lifetime Coarse Formula for Birds
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    Harrisons High Potency Fine
    Harrison's High Potency Fine Formula for Birds
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    Harrisons High Potency Coarse 1886
    Harrison's High Potency Coarse Formula for Birds
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Showing 9 Product

The Best Food for Caged Birds

Keep their feathers healthy, eyes bright and weight balanced with our caged bird food range. Join thousands of customers in the benefits of our food and watch your bird thrive. Make mealtimes a highlight with plenty of choice and variations. With high-quality, palatability and cleanliness, your bird’s food will be picked and packed in a safe and professional environment by our Somerset warehouse team.

We stock power treats, recovery formulas, and age-dependent feeds to make sure you're giving your bird everything they need. One of our bestsellers is Harrison’s. Certified organic diet products which have been designed as premium nutrition for your bird, Harrison’s is the bird expert with endless research going into each product to bring you the best quality possible. They believe the single most important thing to do for your bird is to feed them correctly.

With their formulas created to bring your bird lifetime care, their products have been produced by avian veterinarians and top avian nutritionists while keeping your bird’s health at the centre of their mission. Dr. Greg Harrison is the creator of Harrison’s Bird Foods and has 34 years of experience in bird care, transforming birds lives and internationally impressing pet owners and vets. Harrison’s bird food is made from crops grown without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides, no post-harvest chemical treatments and without the use of genetically modified chemicals- making it even more appetising.

Best Selling Food for Caged Birds

Our bestsellers are Harrison’s High Potency Fine food, designed for conures, lorries, quakers, cockatiels, lovebirds, doves and other small to medium parrots. Reviews often include ‘Excellent’ and even ‘Lasts longer than expected’ to give you confidence when shopping.

Another bestseller is Harrison’s High Potency Coarse, with more reviews than any other product. Five-star rated, this product feeds birds of all sizes and is described as ‘Very goo pellets. They tend to be expensive but very good price at Pet Drugs Online.’ and ‘It has all the vitamins my parrot needs and really enjoys it.’.