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Watch your horse perform beautifully with our range of trusted equine performance products. We support your horse in maintaining and improving their performance and movement to achieve your goals. Go for gold with bestselling brands like NAF, Equistro, and Audevard.


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The Best Care for Successful Horse Performance 

While keeping their diet balanced and full of nutrition helps your horse to be well-nourished and their performance should be also treated with our equine performance product range. From supplements to treatments, this range will cater for your horse’s needs within no time and provide you with a performance to be proud of. Prepare and construct everything your horse needs before their big day by allow them what they need to flourish and thrive.

With this range designed to provide nutritional value and physical support for your horse and their performance, you’ll find everything you need to increase your horse’s wellbeing. We understand the effort you go to as a horse owner to prepare them for their big achievements, so feel at ease that all our equine performance products, formulas, and ingredients have been veterinary approved. Feel reassured that our equine performance products all feature easy-to-use applicators, and the supplements are available in consumable forms to avoid frustrating attempts, encouraging your horse to cooperate.

The Best Equine Performance Products

Ideal for supporting your horse through their performances, successes and achievements, our equine performance product range is full of simple, effective, and unique formulas which all deliver great results. At Pet Drugs Online, we understand what you need from your horse’s supplies because our team care for their own horses. With experts on board, fellow horse owners and great customer reviews, we have tailored this collection especially for you and your horse, making sure there’s no rubbish in it and only key formulas.

We have been perfecting our range since 2005 and we’re always researching the best equine performance products to offer you. With a huge selection of excellent brands with popular ratings, our range will improve your horse’s performance.

Audevard Ekyflex Nodolox 

Audevard Ekyflex Nodolx is a horse performance product that is exclusively dedicated to your horse’s health and performance, specialising in expert formulas that work. Containing few ingredients, this equine performance product is simple but effective. While providing nutritional support for sport horses with increased musculoskeletal needs during competitions, this supplement also features as a complimentary feed with different minerals and vitamins to aid joint health and mobility comfort.

NAF 5-Star Magic Powder 

This equine performance product contains premium ingredients to help relax muscle tissue in horses and contains unique combination of nutrients and herbs. With five-star ratings and a strong reputation, NAF 5-Star Magic Powder will help your horse to copy easily with the pressure without detracting from its performance.

Equistro Excell E 

Formulated to support joint health and mobility, Equistro Excell is great for performance endurance and muscle tone/metabolism for competition horses, foals from birth and brood mares to aid fertility. This equine performance product also helps with rider comfort and contains a host of vitamins and minerals to nourish the horse, from vitamin E, selenium, magnesium, and lysine.