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    IMS™ Euro Inflatable Recovery Collar for Cats and Dogs
    IMS™ Euro Inflatable Recovery Collar for Cats and Dogs
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Does my cat need a collar?

Generally, we would always recommend a collar for your kitty. However, this can depend on if your cat is an outside cat or an inside cat. For outside cats, it's extremely important that you get your cat a collar and a tag with your contact details, in addition to a microchip. Cats can wander quite far from home or even take up residence at someone else's house, so make sure that it is easy for another person to realise your cat has a family and can contact you!

For indoor cats, a collar may not be as necessary. However, it is a good idea to keep one on hand for trips outside such as to the vets. Or if you have a feline escape artist, this will keep them safe in case they manage to get away.

What Are The Best Cat Collars?

At Pet Drugs Online, we stock high-quality and trusted brands that are good value and will last through your cat’s rough and tumble. We have a variety of cat collars to suit all needs from brands such as Ancol, Seresto, and Red Dingo, so you can shop with confidence and find the right product for you. 

Safe Cat Collars

When it comes to the best collars for outdoor cats, there are some safety issues to consider. Collars such as the Red Dingo safety collars have a quick-release mechanism under 2kg of pressure, which means if your cat gets snagged on something they can get themselves free.

A reflective material is a great addition to a collar as this means that your cat is more likely to be seen if they are out after dark. If you let your cat outside at night or live near a busy road then reflective material can help people watch out for them.

Many cat collars come with a bell, which serves two purposes: it can help you keep track of your cat and helps to warn wildlife. Domestic cats pose a serious threat to the ecosystem as they hunt for fun rather than need, therefore, a bell can help reduce the number of animals that your furry friend catches. Some cats may be bothered by the bell at first but they should adapt to it quite quickly.

Flea Collars for Cats 

Flea collars, such as Seresto, are a great way to treat fleas and ticks in cats. These are water-resistant and can offer up to 8 months of continuous protection. For more options such as spot-ons, household sprays, and tick removers, browse our cat flea and tick treatments.

Red Dingo

Red Dingo’s Safe Cat Collar is a reflective cat collar with fish patterns and it is made with premium nylon webbing. This reflective collar ensures they stay safe at night and comes with a safety bell to warn off prey. This safety cat collar also is fitted with a snag free fish clip releasing under a 2kg weight in case the cat gets caught.