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Dog supplements are a great way to support your dog’s nutrition and keep them happy and healthy. From dog multivitamins for nutritional support, to dog supplements for various health conditions such as joint vitamins and more. See the benefits quickly as our dog vitamins enhance their strength, stamina, and health.


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    YuMOVE Dog Essential Joint Support 1738
    YuMOVE® Joint Care Supplement for Adult Dogs
    3 products in range £18.98 £65.99
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    Aktivait for Dogs 877
    AKTIVAIT® Brain Function Support Supplement for Dogs
    2 products in range £34.49 £48.49
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    Protexin Pro-Kolin Advanced for Dogs 2249
    Protexin® VETERINARY Pro-Kolin Advanced for Dogs
    3 products in range £13.79 £31.49
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    Samylin Tablets 3973
    SAMYLIN® Liver Health Support Tablets
    3 products in range £40.99 £77.99
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    Protexin Denamarin for Cats and Dogs 30 Tablets 1564
    Protexin® Denamarin Liver Support for Cats and Dogs
    3 products in range £32.99 £76.99
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    YuMOVE Senior Joint Supplement for Dogs 3260
    YuMOVE® Joint Care Supplement for Senior Dogs
    2 products in range £44.99 £79.99
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    Ipakitine Powder 2594
    IPAKITINE® Renal Function Support Powder for Dogs and Cats
    2 products in range £11.39 £25.49
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    Promax Paste Syringe 3692
    PROMAX® Digestive Function Support for Dogs and Cats
    3 products in range £13.00 £18.42
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    Kaminox Liquid 1492
    KAMINOX® Liquid Potassium Supplement for Dogs and Cats
    2 products in range £17.48 £27.98
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    Antinol® Joint Care Soft Gel Capsules for Dogs
    Antinol® Joint Care Soft Gel Capsules for Dogs
    4 products in range £20.99 £98.99

Showing 1-24 of 188 Products


Should I Give My Dog Vitamins?

Yes, dogs need vitamins as part of their diet just like humans do. Dog vitamins keep their skin and coat healthy, strengthen bones and teeth, and give your dog the overall energy they need to function. Most young and healthy dogs that are on well-balanced quality dog food do not need extra supplements. The dog food companies do this for us and add dog minerals and vitamins into their food, so they get the proper nutrition. But sometimes food alone will not always meet your dog’s health requirements and might need vitamin supplements for dogs.

If your dog has special medical needs or conditions, dog supplements can help to support those needs and are a great way to help your dog live a happy life. Like humans as well, dogs are all different. So different breeds and ages of dogs also contribute to the need for having dog vitamins and minerals, so you can support your dog’s health throughout their life.

What Are The Best Dog Supplements?

There is a wide range of dog supplements available, from general nutritional support to supplements for medical issues and conditions. Our dog vitamins and minerals can give your dog the healthy body they deserve. Easy ways to give your dog vitamins is to disguise it in our wet dog food, dry dog food, or their favourite treats to deliver them a balanced and well-nourished diet. 

Nutritional Support

Dog vitamins are vital in their nutritional support and can help everything ranging from arthritis and joint stiffness to heart health, digestion, and coat care. The most popular dog supplements are glucosamine, fish oil, antioxidants, and probiotics, as well as multivitamins for dogs with vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, and choline. All are important in development and living a happy life. 

Dog Joint Supplements

These dog supplements are important for keeping your dog active and on the move. With our range of joint supplements for dogs you can support your dog’s joint issue and mobility. These dog supplements are great for older dogs to aid their aging joints, but also can be given to younger dogs to prevent any issues from happening. Larger dog breeds are also prone to joint issues, so this vitamin for dogs helps to keep them healthy.

Puppy Supplements

Puppies grow at an incredible rate and need the proper nutrition and right vitamins to do this properly. Puppy food is filled with all the right nutrients to help build their bodies as they grow. Giving your puppy supplements helps to aid this development and growth but also helps their body repair themselves when needed and helps to build a strong immune system.

Senior Dog Supplements

As dogs age they need different nutrition from their food and are more likely to develop bone and joint problems. Adding a joint supplement into their diets may help them with any of these issues. In older dogs, their immune system may become weaker. Supplements can help to maintain their muscles and support their organs and immune system as they age.

Vitamins for Pregnant Dogs

If your dog is pregnant then adding vitamins to their food can support their health. Prenatal vitamins for pregnant dogs will support a healthy pregnancy and they often come in various forms so you can give your dog chewable tablets or powdered supplements. Dog calmers can also help this situation to ensure your dog isn’t too stressed during and after the pregnancy.

Dog vitamins are vital for nutritional support and can help everything ranging from arthritis and joint stiffness to heart health, digestion, and coat care. The most popular dog supplements are glucosamine, fish oil, antioxidants, and probiotics, as well as multivitamins for dogs with vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, and choline. All are important for development and living a happy life.

Best Dog Supplements Brands

Our range of supplements for dogs offer ingredients that their food and diet can miss, which can lead to your dog having issues down the line. Our collection of dog vitamins means that you can not only prevent these issues but also help to manage them. We have a wide range of vitamins for dogs and supplements for digestion, heart, joint, kidney, liver, skin and allergy, and urinary problems. So, there are numerous choices to help aid your dog live a happy and healthy life.

Our collection of vitamins & supplements 


YuMOVE is one of the best dog supplements as it keeps your dog moving and healthy, which is great for both older dogs and younger dogs. This joint supplement features Great Lipped Muscle for improved stiff joints, Vitamins C and E for maintaining joint mobility, Glucosamine for cartilage support, as well as Hyaluronic Acid for lubrication and joint cushion. You can save on YuMove products with our great offers. 


Support your dogs’ stamina, balance, and strength with Seraquin dog vitamins. This brand prides themselves on delivering specific nutrients to your dog to give them the quick boost they need. As one of our bestsellers save up to 53% on their chewable dog supplement tablets.


Purina is a well-known brand that provides both dog food and supplements for dogs that promotes good health and balance. Their dog supplement can be sprinkled onto their food to give them the extra boost they need.

If you need help choosing which dog multivitamin is best for your furry friend, talk to our team who can help to find the perfect supplement for your dog

What Vitamins Are Bad For Dogs?

It is great to think about your dog’s nutrition through the right dog food and dog vitamins, as this can be one of the best and easiest ways to prevent and aid many medical problems. But make sure to stick to vitamins and supplements made specifically for dogs. You might be thinking that if a multivitamin is good enough for me, is it okay to give your dog human vitamins? Well, no, you shouldn’t be giving your dog human supplements, these can harm your dog.

This is because the variations of dietary needs for humans and dogs are different, and each dog vitamin is formulated to fit their bodies and needs. Because most dog foods provide dogs with the nutrition they need, multivitamins for dogs contain only a portion of the daily requirement to fill in the gaps. Whereas human multivitamins can contain more, thus giving your dog human supplements means your dog can become unwell receiving too much of one particular vitamin.

If your dog accidentally consumes a human multivitamin, do contact your vet immediately as there are several vitamins that are toxic to your dog, the most being prenatal vitamins. They are high in iron, which cause iron toxicity in dogs. Vitamin D supplements are also bad for dogs, as they contain high levels of the mineral and too much vitamin D can lead to health problems in dogs.