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Anxiety in Horses header
28 February 2024

Anxiety in Horses

Should You Give Cats Baths?
21 February 2024

Should You Ever Bathe a Cat?

Giving a cat a bath sounds like a risk no one wants to undertake, but some owners have no choice. In our latest guide, we walk you through how to bathe a cat, how to acclimate them to water, and what shampoos to use. 

Best Dental Products for Dogs Header
14 February 2024

Best Dental Products for Dogs

Did you know there are more ways to care for your dog's teeth than just brushing them? Our latest blog looks at the range of brushing alternatives available so you can keep your dog's teeth healthy without the stress of brushing. 

Hypoallergenic vs Anallergenic Food header
7 February 2024

Anallergenic Vs Hypoallergenic: Which is better?

If you have a dog with food allergies, it can be hard to find the right food that meets their nutritional needs while not aggravating their allergies. In our blog, we explore the difference between hypoallergenic and anallergenic food, so you can be sure your dog is getting the best. 

How to choose the best dog toys header
31 January 2024

How to Choose the Best Dog Toys

Are you buying the right dog toys? Dogs need toys for mental stimulation and entertainment, so make sure you're making the right choices with your dog with our guide to the best dog toys. 

Cat Flu Causes and Treatment header
24 January 2024

Cat Flu: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Cat flu is a common illness in cats that's a lot like the common cold in humans. Find out how to prevent your cat from getting cat flu and how to treat them if they do catch it with our blog. 

PDOL volunteer day at the CDCH
17 January 2024

Pet Drugs Online Volunteer Day at the Cotswold Dogs and Cats Home

o celebrate the first anniversary of our partnership with the Cotswold Dogs And Cats Home, we spent a day volunteering at the CDCH, getting a good look into how things work in the world of animal rescue. 

Are Online Per Pharmacies Safe?
10 January 2024

Are Online Pet Pharmacies Safe?

Being able to shop online has made getting the things you need all the easier for people across the world! But what about your pet's medicine? Here, we walk through what is required for a company to sell pet medicine online, what accreditations to look out for, and how to order a pet prescription on Pet Drugs Online.

Should You Neuter Your Dog?
3 January 2024

Should You Neuter Your Dog?

 A key choice all dog owners need to make is whether or not to neuter their new pet. If you’re not sure if you should, check out our guide to dog neutering for a better understanding of what neutering is, how much it costs, and the benefits it can offer your dog.

What Human Food Can Cats Eat Header
27 December 2023

What Human Foods Can Cats Eat?

Do you know what foods are safe for your cat to eat? Find out in our latest blog where we explore some of the key human foods that are dangerous to cats, as well as those that aren't.