Cat Urinary Treatment

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Our cat’s health takes centre stage to everything we do so we’ve worked with brands to ensure we have a urinary range for your pet’s comfort. Ease cat urinary infections and other urinary issues with our range of cat UTI treatments from brands including Feliway, Cystaid and Uri Balance.

Cat incontinence and urinary problems can occur at any stage in your cat's life, we have urinary cat food, supplements and medication to make life a little easier.

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  1. You save 8%
    Catrine Urine Collection Kit 694
  2. Hema-Combistix
    SRP £0.00
  3. You save 29%
    Furinaid Plus 10045
    Furinaid Plus
    SRP £28.52
    Save £8.54
  4. You save 25%
    Cystaid Feline Plus 1126
    Cystaid Feline Plus
    SRP £12.80
    Save £3.32
  5. You save 13%
    Dorwest Green Releaf 1151
    Dorwest Green Releaf
    SRP £11.66
    Save £1.63
  6. You save 23%
    Feliway Cystease Capsules 3894
    Feliway Cystease Capsules
    SRP £12.92
    Save £3.09
  7. You save 51%
    Keto-Diastix 1495
    SRP £22.12
    Save £11.40
  8. You save 19%
    KatKor Urine Sampling Kit 1531
    KatKor Urine Sampling Kit
    SRP £15.70
    Save £3.11
  9. You save 52%
    Noroclav Tablets 250mg 3034
    Noroclav Tablets 250mg
    SRP £1.76
    Save £0.92
  10. You save 52%
    Noroclav Tablets 50mg 985
    Noroclav Tablets 50mg
    SRP £0.86
    Save £0.45
  11. You save 14%
    Protexin Cystophan for Cats 2174
  12. You save 48%
    Semintra 4mg/ml for cats 3926
    Semintra 4mg/ml for cats
    SRP £47.26
    Save £22.90
  13. You save 67%
    Veraflox Flavour 60mg Tablets 3970
    Veraflox Flavour 60mg Tablets
    SRP £5.14
    Save £3.46
  14. You save 23%
    Uri Balance (formerly Methigel) 1355
  15. You save 61%
    Veraflox 25mg/ml Oral Suspension For Cats 3968
    Veraflox 25mg/ml Oral Suspension For Cats
    SRP £27.83
    Save £17.03
  16. You save 66%
    Veraflox Flavour 15mg Tablets 3969
    Veraflox Flavour 15mg Tablets
    SRP £2.14
    Save £1.43
  17. You save 12%
    YuRELIEVE Advance For Cats 9512
  18. You save 82%
    Oralade RF Renal Support For Cats 11364
  19. You save 47%
    Marfloquin 5mg Tablets 2529
    Marfloquin 5mg Tablets
    SRP £0.70
    Save £0.33
  20. You save 68%
    Clavubactin 50mg Tablets for Cats & Dogs 2417
    Clavubactin 50mg Tablets for Cats & Dogs
    SRP £0.73
    Save £0.50
  21. You save 62%
    Therios Chewable Tablets 75mg 3217
    Therios Chewable Tablets 75mg
    SRP £0.97
    Save £0.61
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Urinary Care for Cats

Caring for your cat is all part of being a responsible cat owner, and that includes urinary care. A crucial part of your cat’s wellbeing is being able to go to the toilet successfully and comfortably without pain or any struggling issues. If urinary infections continue to remain, they can cause further issues such as poorly kidneys and an infected bladder. Signs and symptoms of a possible cat urinary infection can include a loss of sleep, spending a lot of time by the litter tray and a loss in appetite. Urinary treatments are designed to flush out the bad bacteria from your cat’s urinary system and leave your cat feeling happy and comfortably while being able to healthily and successful go to the toilet again.

The Best Urinary care for Cats 

We know your cat’s health is your priority, it is also ours. We want to be able to support you as you care for them and provide them with what they need to live a long and happy life. We have teamed up with some of the nation’s favourite brands to provide your cat urinary treatment for when they need it most. Our popular cat urinary treatment brands include:


This brand is the ultimate feline expert, and they know everything when it comes to your cat. They have developed Cystease Capsules to care for cats who have stress on their bladder lining, helping to improve the comfort of your cat. Our vet says, ‘Cystease supports the bladder during stressful times moving home, a car journey, a new baby in the house. It can all have an impact on the bladder. This should make them feel a lot more comfortable. Take a look at our customer reviews to see how it’s worked.’


Uri-Balanced has been specifically designed to treat your cat’s urine problems and prevents the development of bladder stones forming in your cat’s urinary system. Our vet says, ‘If your vet has diagnosed bladder stones in your pet, or thinks your pet is at risk, then you’ll know that extra help is required to prevent them from forming or dissolving away. Uri Balance is often recommended as a good product to use, and it has had some excellent reviews from our customers.’.

Why Shop Cat Urinary Treatments With Pet Drugs Online

With Pet Drugs Online, you can be sure that you’re buying veterinary approved products to help with your cat’s health. Our urinary treatments can help with a number of urinary health issues in your cat. What’s more, you can get them cheaper than the high street with us.