Cat Diabetes

If your cat has diabetes, keeping it under control is a vital part of their healthcare. With Pet Drugs Online you can get diabetes treatments for your cat at low-cost prices. All our products are vet-approved, so you can be sure you’re giving your feline the best care. Take a look at our cat insulin, syringes and more to get the best treatment for your cat.


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Treating a Cat with Diabetes

If your cat has been diagnosed with diabetes you are likely to be worrying about their quality of life. But, if kept under control, there’s no reason why a diabetic cat can’t live a full, happy life. Make sure you are stocked up on cat diabetes treatments and medicines, such as:

Insulin and Syringes

ust like with humans, the treatment of cat diabetes comes in the form of insulin. With cats, this is usually done by injection. In our range, you will find starter kits that include needles and cat insulin, as well as replacement insulin and syringes for when you run out. Remember, insulin is a prescription-only medicine for cats, so you will require a script from your vet to purchase this, even when ordering online.

Testing Kits

Testing your cat’s glucose levels are a vital part of cat diabetes management. That’s why we also stock glucose testing strips and blood testing kits within our cat diabetes treatments. This allows you to stay on top of their diabetes and spot any changes

Diabetic Cat Food

Although providing insulin is the best cat diabetes treatment, there are also foods that can help to manage your kitty’s diabetes.  These foods have low carbs and weight management properties, but they will still supply your cat with all the nutrients they need whilst supporting their diabetes treatment. You can find diabetic cat food and more in our condition-specific cat food range.

How Much Does Managing Cat Diabetes Cost?

For many cat owners, it can be a worry if your cat is diagnosed with diabetes. As this condition requires long-term management, the cost of this can be scary with the suggested retail price of cat insulin often reaching over £100. That’s where Pet Drugs Online can help!

When you buy with us, you can see savings of up to 65% on treatments such as cat insulin, and any other treatments your moggy needs to keep on top of their diabetes. But just because it’s cheaper, doesn’t mean you are sacrificing quality. All our products are vet-approved, so you can be sure your cat is getting the best treatment for their diabetes.



Cat Diabetes Treatments Brands

Shop with expert brands who have create veterinary-approved formulas to support your cat through their condition. Popular and trusted brands include:


Used and trusted by thousands of cat owners, SOL-M creates syringes which are easy to use with quick application. Our vet says, ‘If your pet has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, or if you’re nervous of injecting- these 0.5ml syringes are really easy to use. Small and light, they have a transparent barrel with clear markings- making it easy to measure dosage. A popular choice with customers.’.


This brand provides the treatment of insulin for those who are deficient and supports you to feel confident with the quality you are using on your cat. Caninsulin has over 15 years of experience in providing owners with the best care for their cat’s diabetes. Leaving your cat’s insulin order in our trusted hands mean you can simply relax and wait for that knock on the door.

Diabetic Cat Food

We also stock the best brands in diabetic cat food, these work to reduce insulin requirements in some diabetic cats and are rich in the antioxidant vitamin E, which helps to neutralise the free radicals produced with diabetes.

Cat diabetes treatments with pet Drugs Online

At Pet Drugs Online, we know that a life-long condition can get expensive. You want to give the best care for your cat, but the cost can make this difficult. We stock some of the best-trusted brands that supply cat diabetes treatments at an affordable price. This includes prescription medications too.

If you would like more information on our cat diabetes products, or would like some advice, contact our friendly team who will be happy to help.