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Buy your cat's prescription medication for less at Pet Drugs Online. By creating online vet prescriptions accessible from the click of a few buttons, you can get what your pet needs for a better price and delivered directly to your door. Our team of experts work with you to make it simple, quick, and effective. Help love them well for less.

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  1. Clindabactin® Chewable Tablets for Dogs & Cats 55mg
    Clindabactin® Chewable Tablets for Dogs & Cats 55mg
    2 products in range £1.19 £11.99
  2. STOMORGYL® 2 Film-Coated Tablets for Dogs and Cats
    STOMORGYL® 2 Film-Coated Tablets for Dogs and Cats
    2 products in range £0.58 £28.50
  3. Milbemax Tasty Cat Wormer (2-8kg) 974
    Milbemaxᵀᴹ Film-Coated Tablets for Cats (2kg-8kg)
    3 products in range £3.42 £168.00
  4. Noroclav Tablets 50mg 985
    Noroclav® Tablets for Dogs and Cats 50mg
    2 products in range £0.47 £47.00
  5. Nelio Flavoured Tablets for Cats 5mg 2041
    Nelio® Tablets for Cats 5mg
    2 products in range £0.60 £60.00
  6. Onsior For Cats 6mg 1654
    Onsior® Tablets Cats 6mg
    2 products in range £0.60 £18.00
  7. Noroclav Tablets 500mg 3035
    Noroclav® Palatable Tablets for Dogs 500mg
    2 products in range £1.91 £191.00
  8. Prednicare Tablets 1mg 996
    Prednicare® Tablets for Dogs and Cats 1mg
    2 products in range £0.08 £40.00
  9. Furosemide / Frusemide Tablets 40mg 3025
    Furosemide (Frusemide) Tablets for Dogs and Cats 40mg
    2 products in range £0.10 £58.00
  10. Meloxidyl Oral Suspension for Cats
    Meloxidyl® Oral Suspension for Cats 0.5mg/ml
    2 products in range £7.38 £9.73
  11. Metrobactin® Tablets 250mg 10005
    Metrobactin® Tablets for Dogs and Cats 250mg
    2 products in range £0.38 £38.40
  12. Metrobactin Tablets 500mg
    Metrobactin® Tablets for Dogs and Cats 500mg
    2 products in range £0.61 £61.20
  13. Metacam Oral Suspension for Cats and Guinea Pigs 979
    Metacam® Oral Suspension for Cats and Guinea Pigs 0.5mg/ml
    3 products in range £5.80 £19.80

Showing 1-24 of 137 Products


Cat Prescriptions

Trust fellow pet owners with your cat’s medication or treatment prescriptions and feel reassured you’re in safe hands. Feel confident your cat is going to get the care they deserve with our wide range of cat medicine.

Accessible Prices for all Cat Prescriptions  

We understand that veterinary prices can unfortunately sometimes be a little too expensive, which means cat medication and treatments can become unaffordable along with all your cat’s other supplies. At Pet Drugs Online, we’re also pet owners and understand that all cats should have access to quality treatment and cat medicine.

We’ve worked hard to collaborate with as many big names as possible, meaning you have choice and variety when shopping and ordering cat prescriptions for your four-legged friend. Cat’s can be fussy, and owners can be even fussier- rightly so. Take your time to browse and try different brands and cat medicine to find something that suits you with all the best ingredients and formulas.

The Best Cat Medicine

Shop from these cat medicine brands and feel reassured that we have everything you may need for your cat prescriptions.


A convenient way to protect your cats, Advocate cat medicine can rapidly treat your pet cat for fleas and ticks without the hassle. Known for their efficiency, each application can kill 98-100% of adult fleas and their larvae within 12 hours. Trust the nations favourite and regularly treat your cat- love them well, for less.


This cat prescription can rid your cat of its parasite problem in no time with their specialist cat medicine and quick drying formula for targeted efficiency.  Easy to use, Activyl understands you want to be able to quickly provide treatment for your cat and protect your pet and home. 


This brand always goes the extra mile to help your cat feel healthy and happy with their cat medicine. With easy applicators and simple instructions, Bravecto provides you with everything you need to feel confident about treating your cat successfully.

Brands you can trust

Shop confidently and know your cat’s prescriptions and medication is in our trusted hands whilst saving up to 76% along with many other happy customers. With reviews like ‘From the ordering process to the item being delivered, it was very simple, fast and efficient.’ and ‘Fast, efficient and cost savings as usual.’, we know you won’t be disappointed.