Condition Specific Cat Food

We offer a variety of vet cat food and medicated cat food for a wide range of conditions to make sure your cat gets the best care for its needs. Including hypoallergenic cat food, dental, urinary cat food, diabetic, digestion, liver, diet cat food and much more. Browse our range of vet cat food below from a number of trusted brands from veterinary experts.


Showing 1-24 of 163 Products

Showing 1-24 of 163 Products


Vet Cat Food

If your kitty suffers from a medical condition, you can feed them condition specific cat food which helps to support their medical needs. With vet cat food from big brands who have perfected their formulas to feed your cat correctly for their condition, you can rest easy knowing you’ve taken another step in treating and targeting their intolerances or health issues. From weight management, allergy cat food, and various health conditions our condition-specific cat food comes in a variety of flavours from chicken, turkey, fish and more, your cat will be back to its usual self in no time.

What Condition Specific Cat Food is Available?

At Pet Drugs Online, we offer a wide range of vet cat food and medicated cat food for all kinds of conditions. From recovery, dental, diabetes, heart, joint, hypoallergic cat food, diet, liver, kidney, urinary cat food, digestion, and general nutritional support, you can find the right vet cat food to care for your cat’s needs. All are available as wet cat food and dry cat food, as well as being available in various flavours.

Hypoallergenic Cat Food

If your cat suffers from allergies or a skin condition, we have a wide range of hypoallergenic food for them. You can choose from allergy cat food available from well-known and trusted brands including Purina, Royal Canin, Hill’s, and Dechra all available in a range of flavours. Alongside hypoallergic cat food, we have a range of cat allergy relief products which can further treat their condition.

Diet Cat Food

Our  weight management cat food can help your cat lose or gain weight. We have a wide range of diet cat food to help your puss to be in top shape. To help moderate calories and aid in reducing obesity in cats, or to help cats who need more nutrition, our diet cat food is available from popular brands such as Purina, Royal Canin, and Hills Prescription Diet cat food.

Diabetic Cat Food

If your feline has diabetes, you can choose from a variety of diabetic cat food to help support its needs. Including weight management diet cat food to reduce obesity which can cause diabetes, and medicated diabetic cat food which contains a low glycemic index and selected fibres which helps to manage blood glucose levels in diabetic cats. If your puss suffers from diabetes, we also have a range of cat diabetes medication.

Dental Cat Food

To reduce plaque and tartar build-up and maintain good oral care for your cat or to help support them in a dental and oral condition such as gum disease, our dental cat food from Hill’s and Royal Canin are great options. Filled with all the needed vitamins and minerals, this vet cat food promotes healthy gums and teeth, the kibble contains fibres which act as a toothbrush and the texture cleans the gum lines, which helps to prevent bacteria buildup. For healthy dental hygiene, take a look at our cat dental care.

Digestion Cat Food

For felines with gastrointestinal or digestion issues, we have a wide range of cat food for sensitive stomachs. Including brands such as Purina, Hills and Royal Canin, our digestion cat food can help to settle your cat’s stomach during times of upset or if they have a sensitive stomach. This vet cat food is filled with fibre and all the right nutrients to balance their digestive system. If your cat regularly suffers from digestion issues, we have a range of cat digestion medications which can help with constipation and diarrhoea issues.

Urinary Cat Food

If your cat suffers from a urinary condition there is vet food available to help support them. From well-known brands such as Purina, Hill’s and more, urinary cat food contains all the essential nutrients to help maintain and balance urinary health. These medicated cat foods help to dissolve and prevent bladder stones, pain and stress in your cat’s urinary tract as well as help to maintain a healthy weight for your kitty. For more, we have a range of cat urinary medication which can help treat your kitty's condition even further

Kidney And Liver Cat Food

Kidney problems in cats can occur for a number of reasons, but to help support them we have a range of kidney and renal cat food available. Kidney cat foods are specially designed with nutritions, essential acids and antioxidants which help to promote healthy kidneys.

For cats with liver conditions, we have a range of liver and hepatic cat food which provides the nutrients and high protein levels to maintain liver performance. This vet cat food helps to remove toxic substances from the blood and stores vital minerals. As well as general liver disorders, liver cat food also helps to maintain muscle mass during hospitalisation.

If your cat suffers from kidney or liver problems, we have a range of supplements to aid your cat’s condition, check out the full range of cat liver and kidney supplements to further aid them in their condition.

Joint Cat Food

Designed for older cats or younger ones with joint and muscle problems or conditions, this vet cat food from brands such as Hill’s and Royal Canin contains omega-3 fatty acids and green-lipped mussel which helps to support healthy joint function. With joint and muscle cat food you can help your cat with weak muscles, mobility issues, and conditions such as joint disease, or even help them gain strength after surgery. For cats with long-term joint and muscle issues, help treat and support their needs with cat joint supplements

Heart Cat Food

To aid in supporting a healthy heart for your cat, we have a range of vet cat food to support heart function and breathing. Although this vet cat food isn’t specialised for heart-related conditions such as heart disease, we do have cat heart medication which can help treat and support their condition.

Condition Specific Cat Food with Pet Drugs Online

Whatever condition your feline may have, we have a wide range of medicated and vet cat food available to give your cat the support they need to feel their best. As well as a wide range of cat medication to support their health condition. When you buy medicated cat food online with us, you can be sure you’re getting great low prices, and if you need any help choosing condition-specific food for your cat, contact our friendly team for advice.