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Enhance your cat’s nutrition with vitamins and supplements for strength, stamina, and balance. Quickly see the benefits with brands like Protexin, Samylin, and YuMOVE Cat.


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    Zylkene (Dog & Cat) 1431
    Zylkene® Calming Supplement for Cats and Dogs
    6 products in range £11.78 £159.98
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    Samylin Tablets 3973
    SAMYLIN® Liver Health Support Tablets
    3 products in range £40.99 £77.99
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    Protexin Denamarin for Cats and Dogs 30 Tablets 1564
    Protexin® Denamarin Liver Support for Cats and Dogs
    3 products in range £32.99 £76.99
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    Cystaid Cat Capsules  10088
    CYSTAID® Bladder Support Capsules for Cats
    2 products in range £12.98 £63.98
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    Ipakitine Powder 2594
    IPAKITINE® Renal Function Support Powder for Dogs and Cats
    2 products in range £11.39 £25.49
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    Promax Paste Syringe 3692
    PROMAX® Digestive Function Support for Dogs and Cats
    3 products in range £13.00 £18.42
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    Kaminox Liquid 1492
    KAMINOX® Liquid Potassium Supplement for Dogs and Cats
    2 products in range £17.48 £27.98
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    Canikur Pro Paste - Cat And Dog Probiotic 1672
    Canikur® Pro Paste Dietary Supplement for Dogs and Cats
    3 products in range £8.99 £22.38
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    Protexin Cystophan for Cats 2174
    Protexin® Cystophan Urinary Support for Cats
    2 products in range £11.69 £62.99
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    Logic Firm (Was Diar-Stop) 3924
    LOGIC® Firm Digestive Support
    3 products in range £11.03 £14.44
  11. New Packaging
    Samylin Sachet 1393
    SAMYLIN® Liver Health Support Sachets
    3 products in range £40.99 £77.99

Showing 1-24 of 148 Products


Why do Cats Need Supplements and Vitamins?

Wanting the best for your cat is a vital part of being an excellent pet owner and knowing what cat supplements they need based on their breed, age and size is crucial information. Even from an early age, your kitten should be fed the right probiotics for cats to grow and strengthen in their development, however older cat owners also be looking out for signs where they may need a little extra boost. An example for an older cat would be to provide them with cat vitamins for older cats and joint supplements to support their mobility and join health, providing them with a new lease of life and ability to enjoy their day-to-day adventures without pain.

We know your cat trusts you to give them the care they need, and to listen and observe when they’re trying to tell you something. Their nutrition is a priority for their health and wellbeing, so researching their cat supplement

The Best Cat Vitamins

Our range of probiotics for cats offer unique ingredients which are rare and can be hard to come by in an ordinary diet. Giving their meals a little extra helping hand will support your cat to live life to the full, shop our range of cat supplement brands and feel spoilt for choice when adding to your basket.

Our customers are seeing results with bestselling cat vitamin brands Protexin, YuMOVE and Seraquin.


Protexin’s probiotics for cats delivers quality vitamins to your cat’s body in a tasty disguise and gets to work quickly. Our vet says, ‘If your pet suffers from digestion problems, this cat supplement will almost certainly help. Protexin is a name trusted by vets for high quality, innovative products and Pro-Fibre is a favourite with vets as well as pet owners. It’s tasty for your pet to eat and contains a high source of fibre and pro and prebiotics.’.


The nations favourite, YuMOVE’s cat vitamins for older cats is five-star rated to quickly support your cat’s mobility and works to target their joint health immediately.  With clinical results, this triple-action joint supplement will aid senior cats with stiff joints and ageing joint structure. As cat’s age, their collagen levels deplete, and their joints therefore have less support for when they are active or on the move. Containing Green Lipped Mussel, Glucosamine, Manganese, Vitamin C and E and Hyaluronic Acid, this senior cat vitamin will support their collagen and cartilage and your cat will be back to their old self in no time.


Seraquin’s senior cat vitamin helps to nourish your senior cat and support normal joint function as they age or become slow in mobility. Preventing pain, Seraquin’s joint supplements has your cat’s best interest at the heart of what they do. Not only do they carry out masses of research, but they have many reviews from happy cat owners who trust their cat supplements routinely. Our vet says, ‘Seraquin maintains healthy joints in cats and slows down the progression of Osteoarthritis. It contains natural antioxidants which make it different to other treatments. Our customers say even the fussiest of pets will eat them up without a problem.’.

Vet approved Cat Supplements

Our vet says, ‘Our customers really see a difference.’. Join the thousands of others who stock up with our cat vitamins and supplements, get direct delivery to your door and love them well for less.