Horse Parasite & Fly Repellent

Protect your horse from irritation and promote their wellbeing with low-cost parasite repellents, including horse fly spray and lice prevention. Care for your horse with top brands like Vet Plus, NAF OFF, and Dermoline.


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Showing 16 Product

How Do I know When to Protect My Horse from Parasites and Flies

Horse Flies and parasites can be more than just irritating for your horse, they can cause real health problems which are uncomfortable and damaging for their wellbeing. Using fly spray for horses can help protect your horse from diseases and illness such as Lyme Disease which can be caused from parasites. To know if your horse has flies or parasites their behaviour will change, such as stomping, swatting their tail, flicking their ears, shifting from foot to foot, body twitches, or moving their head to one of their limbs and nodding. These changes in your horse’s behaviour can be obvious signs to help you know when to treat them with horse fly spray.

How Can I Prevent Parasites and Flies Bothering My Horse? 

With our range of fly repellent for horses, you can keep your horse protected from parasites and flies.  We host a wide range of horse fly repellent, including creams, shampoos, sprays, soothing gel, and even horse lice powder.  Some of our most popular products include the Summer Fly Cream which is a calming horse fly repellent cream for any problems associated with cuts and grazes on horses and NAF Off Citronella Gel which is a long-lasting soother for hoses, keeping horse flies and insect bites away. Another great example of horse fly repellent is Equi-Salve F.R which helps horses that suffer from mud fever and sweet itch to prevent further episodes and reduce symptoms.

If you want to take another step in preventing horse parasite and fly problems, look at the environment your horse is in and investigate any risk factors including searching for maggots or any other signs of breeding areas. By targeting this you are immediately preventing the problem developing right at the root of the problem. Parasites however cannot be prevented, and so regular treatment with our range of horse fly repellent is appropriate to make a difference in arming your horse with defence.

Even if fleas and ticks aren’t visible, they can live within your horse’s fur and infect them without you even noticing. Fleas are known to only attach eggs to their skin and cause further problems. Care for your horse’s parasite problems immediately and keep their health in top shape.