Horse Wormers

We know that worming your horse can feel like a chore, but it’s important to keep on top of it. Routine worming treatment can dramatically improve your horse's health.


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  1. Strongid P Paste 476
    Strongid-P™ Oral Paste Wormer for Horses 43.90% w/w
    2 products in range £10.00 £99.98
  2. Panacur Equine 22% Granules 1550
    Panacur® Equine Granules Wormer for Horses 22.2% w/w
    2 products in range £6.60 £66.00
  3. Audevard Nexmectin Horse Wormer 5781
    AUDEVARD NEXMECTIN® Oral Paste for Horses 18.7 mg/g
    2 products in range £5.69 £102.00
  4. Noropraz Horse Wormer 2606
    NoroPraz® Oral Paste Wormer for Horses 18.7mg/g + 140.3mg/g
    2 products in range £19.25 £155.99

Showing 16 Product

Why should you worm your horse?

At Pet Drugs Online, we strongly recommend regularly worming your horse to enable them to have the ultimate protection against tapeworms, threadworms, large redworms, small redworms and pinworms. All of these can cause diseases, illness and poor health for your horse, including significant internal bleeding, weight loss, diarrhoea and severe infection can sometimes lead to death.

Symptoms of worms in horses

Keep a watchful eye for symptoms that can indicate your horse may be having worming issues. Symptoms of worms in horses can include weight loss, rough hair coat, poor growth in foals, respiratory problems or diarrhoea or constipation. All of these signs can indicate a more severe problem so make sure you prevent this by keeping on top of your worming treatment, and if in doubt, consult your vet.

As a large worm infestation can cause such issues, it’s important to regularly worm your horse, and not just at spring. Protecting your horse against worms should be a year-long concern. This might sound expensive, but at Pet Drugs Online, you can purchase wormers for horses at a cheap price, but with the confidence that all wormers we stock are trusted by vets.

Best Horse Wormers

Which is the best equine wormer depends on your own and your horse’s preferences. Our cheap horse wormers are available in a variety of formulas, so you can find the easiest way to administer your horse’s treatment. Whether you are looking for horse wormers for tapeworm, threadworm, pin worm or other types of worm, we have a wide choice available for you to choose from.

Available in a variety of methods, our worming treatments come in a paste, granules, gels and syringes so that you have choice that can accommodate to your horse’s preference. Shop from brands including Equest Wormer and Panacur. For total control of adult and larval stages of internal parasites, shop confidently and prevent the development of worms. With a large number of fantastic reviews, we hope you can read for yourself the benefits that come with these treatments, after all we know that horse owners know how to spot a quality product.

Equine wormers with Pet Drugs Online

While we’re aware this isn’t a fun or happy topic, worming is an essential part of caring for horse. You can save up to 56% off the cost of horse wormers with us, meaning you have room to shop for other essentials. We want to keep you stocked up and prepared, love them well for less and watch your order travel straight to your door- making worming easy since 2005.