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Cat toys are essential for your cat’s health and wellbeing. Keep their mind active and days exciting with our range of toys. Browse interactive toys, Kong, and catnip options for both indoor and outdoor cats below.


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Why Should I Buy Toys for My Cat?

Cats need toys to help keep excited and engaged during the day. Supplying plenty of cat toys keeps them active and stimulates their brains, keeping them alert and helping with their wellbeing. Cat toys also provides you and your cat a bonding moment which strengthens your relationship.

Our collection of cat toys will encourage a healthy lifestyle for your cat with fun activities during the day. Having playtime with your cat can also help them sleep better at night and help establish a routine. By reducing feelings of boredom in your cat you can also prevent any damage or scratching in your home.

The Best Cat Toys

Which cat toy is best for your cat all depends on their personality and circumstances. If you know which cat toys your cat already enjoys this is a good first step. If not, finding the best cat toy may be a case of trial and error. We stock a wide range of cat toys for indoor cats and outdoor cat toys so you can find the best one for you.

Interactive Cat Toys

We have a wide range of interactive cat toys available that offer hours of fun for your cat. Having an interactive cat toy is great for when your cat is left at home to keep them busy. We also have fun feather toys and teaser toys that you can use to play with your cat as well.

Electric Cat Toys

We also have a wide range of electric cat toys and cat toys that move. These make great fun around the house. From a cat laser toy to make your cat chase around a light, to a ball blaster gun that shoots a catnip infused ball your cat can catch. For a fun cat toy that moves, our GiGwi Melody Chaser toy is great fun and moves when it senses your cat move, allowing your cat to chase the toy around the house.

Cat Plush Toys

Plush cat toys are great for playtime as well, as they offer a cuddly soft feel and they usually come with textured surfaces or other aspects to engage your cat. We have a wide range of cat soft toys which offer crinkly, and rattle sounds to reward natural instincts. Some plush cat toys also have a hole that your cat can poke their paw through, making it great for swatting, battling, and chasing. We even offer cat plush toys with catnip making them an irresistibly fun cat toy.

KONG Cat Toys

KONG have designed the Swizzle Bird Teaser cat toy which helps strengthen the bond between yourself and your pet. By playing out unpredictable movement and tempting feathers, your cat will excitedly chase and swipe at the cat toy. Or try the classic KONG Kitty cat toy, which you can put cat treats in to tap into your cat’s curiosity and is great distraction for when you leave the house.

Catnip Toys

Catnip is a member of the mint family that cats enjoy, whether it be eating it, smelling it, or rolling around in it. Catnip activates different areas of your cat’s brain that control emotion and behaviour, and it targets your cat’s happy receptors or can even mellow and relax your cat.

We have a range of catnip toys available, from cat ball toys, soft toys, and refillable zip lock bags toys. All these toys are designed to not only engage your cat but make playtime interesting. We also stock catnip cups and tins that you can put into toys or use as a reward for your cat.

Kitten Toys

Our range of cat toys range from interactive toys, soft chew toys, ball toys and more. Our cat toys also make suitable kitten toys to help stimulate your kitten’s brain and strengthen their natural instincts. Cuddly plush cat toys are great for kittens as they remind them of warmth and of another mammal and can offer comfort as well as a fun cat chew toy. Using cat puzzle toys or an interactive cat toy such as the classic feather toy is great for heightening your cats’ senses as well as making it a great bonding moment for you and your kitten.

Whatever is the best cat toy for you, we have plenty to choose from. And when you buy cat toys online with us, you can be sure you’re getting great low prices. We also stock a wide range of other cat accessories such as litter, collars and more. If you need any help choosing cat toys for your kitty, contact our friendly team for advice