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Support your pet’s nutrition with a variety of vitamins and supplements to help deliver the nourishment their body needs. See the benefits quickly as our expertly formulated pet supplements enhance their strength, movement and balance, which they may not usually get from their diet. Shop products, including vitamin C for guinea pigs, probiotics for rabbits and many other rabbit vitamins and supplements.


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    Emeraid Critical Care - Carnivore
    Emeraid Critical Care - Carnivore, Herbivore & Omnivore
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    SF 50 Small Animal Supplement 1977
    SF 50 Small Animal Supplement
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    Zolcal-D 1775
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    Nutrobal 1544
    Nutrobal Multivitamin Supplement for Reptiles & Birds
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    Asbrip Pet 10696
    Asbrip Pet

Showing 1-24 of 26 Products


Why do Small Pets Need Supplements and Vitamins?

While we don't doubt your small pet’s diet, we also understand that most food products for small animals don't always provide specific boosts for precise nutrition. Our range of supplements will help to prevent diseases, health complications, weight problems, and respiratory infections. In the wild, they rely on their food to brighten their feathers and live a healthy life.

The vitamins needed most by your small animal are vitamins A, D, E as many small pets can produce their own vitamin B and K without needing a top-up. The supplements are used with precise formulas to care for their skin, digestive system, respiratory system and keep their coat healthy. Vitamin A will help to support the skin and eye health as well as feathers as the immune system. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and supports the other vitamins to deliver their nutrients. Vitamin D is crucial for healthy bones while other minerals such as calcium is essential for their bone structure and maintain a healthy blood flow.


Give your small pet the care they need with Protexin Bio-Lapis, with rehydration properties this supplement will support your pet’s health and wellbeing. Easy to administrate, Protexin Bio-Lapis is a dietary supplement with vitamins A, B2, C, D3, and E, dextrose, sodium chloride, and magnesium sulphate.


Oxbow’s Natural Science Digestive Support will help your small pet to have a well-regulated and healthy digestive system. Containing high fibre and various herbal ingredients your pet will feel more comfortable and help them to get the most from their diet. Popular with customers, they have commented ‘Very food for guinea pigs and keeps them well’ and ‘I have 2 older rabbits and they have been much better on these.’.


Used for the prevention and treatment of common fungal infections on the skin and pathogenic fungi in birds, Mycozole will help to care for your bird’s skin and physical wellbeing. Used as a spray, Mycozole can help to prevent infection such as Candida spp. Malassezia, pachydermatis ringworm and pathogenic fungi.

Vet Approved Supplements

With savings up to 76% on pet vitamins and supplements, our vet says, ‘Our customers really see a difference.’. Get free delivery when you spend over £29 and make room to stock up on other essentials.