Bird Digestion & Digestive Care

To help you take the best care of your bird’s digestion, we provide all the products you need to maintain your bird's health. Encourage the well-being of your bird and target the digestive system with fast-acting support. Ensure the nutrients from our five-star rated bird food range are being delivered to your pet’s digestive system from our range, including mineral mix for poultry, chicken digestion supplements and many more.


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    Avimix Mineral Supplement for Birds
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Why Do Birds Need Digestion Supplements?

As birds consume foods with their beaks, they often digest the pellets, seeds, and other foods whole, meaning they digest them straight away without any initial breakdown. Once the bird has consumed their food, it will pass through to the stomach for the acids to break it down and then on to the gizzard to grind into smaller pieces. However, occasionally your bird may absorb their food to quickly and need digestive supplements to support their system. Give them the best nutritional support and provide excellent brands to take care of your bird’s digestive system. Browse the nation’s favourite brands including Critical Care Formula, Harrison’s Recovery Formula and Coxoid.

Critical Care Formula

Critical Care Formula has been developed for the nutritional support of birds who metabolism may be disturbed such as a loss of appetite, recovery of surgery and malnourished. It has many benefits including to provide high energy and protein fluid and therefore supporting a weakened bird. With easy digestion in a powder form, your bird’s wellbeing can improve in no time and you can watch them be their old selves again.

Harrison’s Recovery Formula

Designed to help your bird’s nutrition levels and support their digestive system, Harrison’s Recovery Formula can help malnourished birds strengthen and develop. Providing a source of easy vitamins and nutrients, this produce will support birds who have lost weight or may not be eating properly. Customers have reviews with product has five-star ratings with comments including, ‘I need it to top up my elderly parrot who needs extra nutrition, it is a convenient way of achieving this and at least I know he is easy it.’ and ‘Excellent feed for my poorly ex battery hens that I rehome. The feed gives them a good boost t get them on the road to good health’.


This liquid treatment for Coccidiosis in pigeons will help to care for their wellbeing. Easily administered, add to drinking water for 7 days during treatment and watch results in as little as a few days.