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Grooming your dog is essential to keeping them happy and healthy. Whether you have a long-haired lovely who’s always in a tangle or an adventurous mucky pup, our range of dog shampoos, brushes, and dog nail clippers will keep coats glossy, paws soft and unwanted itches, pests and smells at bay.


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    Leucillin 11339
    Leucillin Natural Antiseptic Skincare
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    CLX Wipes® Wet Cleaning Wipes for Dogs and Cats
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    COATEX® Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs and Cats 1109
    COATEX® Aloe & Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs and Cats
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Showing 1-24 of 229 Products


Reasons to Groom A Dog

The dog grooming shampoo and accessories that you need depend on your dog. Longer haired breeds will need grooming products to get rid of tangles. Whereas if you have a dog that moults a lot, you will need a good shedding tool. If your dog has a skin condition, they may need a prescription shampoo

What Supplies Do You Need To Groom A Dog?

The dog shampoo and dog grooming equipment that you need depends on your dog. For example, longer haired breeds will need grooming products to get rid of tangles. If you have a dog that moults a lot, you will need a good shedding tool. For dogs with skin conditions, they may need a prescription shampoo.

To help, browse our wide range of dog grooming supplies, including dog shampoos, sprays, wipes, brushes and combs, nail clippers, and more.

The Best Dog Grooming Equipment

Get compliments on their daily walks or from visitors and feel proud of your grooming routine by using trusted brands such as Coatex, Vetruus, and Sebolytic. Not only are these brands recommended by professionals, but they have also been developed by vets and pet owners. From dog shampoos, cleansing wipes, dog combs, files, and many other products this range has everything your pet needs to look and feel their best

Medicated Dog Shampoos for Skin Conditions

Medicated dog shampoos with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents can help dogs who are prone to dog allergies and skin conditions. Used regularly, they help prevent itching, redness, and infection. We sell prescription dog shampoo for treating seborrhoeic dermatitis such as Malaseb Shampoo.

Milder medicated dog shampoos like Coatex Medicated Shampoo are available without prescription. For dogs with allergies Allermyl shampoo can be effective in soothing symptoms.

Flea and Tick Shampoo for Dogs

Our flea and tick shampoos can help get rid of any unwanted critters hiding in your dog's fur as well as soothe the irritation from their bites. We also have a wide range to help if your dog needs further flea and tick treatments.

Dog Grooming Spray

Don’t have the time to bathe your dog, or want to keep your dog looking and smelling clean in between using dog shampoo? We have a range of dog sprays to help keep your dog clean. Expect everything from different fragrances, detangle sprays, to no-rinse shampoo dog sprays. These sprays deep clean your dog’s coat and removes dirt and odour between washes. Simply spray the solution on your dog and groom through.

Dog Cleansing Wipes

Aside from dog shampoo and grooming sprays, we also have a range of dog wipes to help keep your dog looking and smelling good. Using dog cleansing wipes is a quick and simple way to keep your dog clean after a walk or a play. They can be used for your dog’s paws, body, and face. For dogs with anal gland problems, there are plenty of dog wipes to help reduce unpleasant smells and clean this region to support healthy glands.

Dog Grooming for Dogs with Dry and Sensitive Skin

If your pup has dry and sensitive skin, we have a range of specialized sensitive dog shampoo to help keep them clean and ensure their skin remains hydrated and cared for. Our range includes Pet Head Feeling Flaky Dry/Sensitive Skin Shampoo or Aloeze Aloe Vera and Oatmeal Shampoo. 

We also have a range of nourishing balm for dogs with sensitive skin, including cracked paw pads, elbow callouses, or dry noses. They’re often enriched with shea butter which hydrates your dog’s skin and helps with healing and dry skin.

Puppy Shampoos

Gentle puppy shampoos like Animology Puppy Love Puppy Shampoo are designed for puppies’ delicate skin and fur. To give your new pup a quick spruce up in-between baths, you can use a no-rinse puppy shampoo safely from 6 weeks.

Long-Haired Dogs

For long-haired dogs who are more prone to tangles and mats, use detangling dog shampoos and conditioners like Furtastic Detangler Shampoos and Conditioners. Follow up with a good dog brush with a knot comb. Angol Ergo Knot Buster is ideal for getting out tough knots and even more effective when used regularly with detangling sprays such as Animology Knot Sure.

Moulting Treatments

Hair everywhere? If your dog sheds seasonally in the spring or autumn or even all year round, try using a moult dog comb, designed to remove dead and matted hair. Excessive shedding can be calmed with a food supplement such as YuDerm Moulting Dog.

Dog Grooming Accessories

We also stock a wide range of dog grooming accessories to help with every grooming need. Including dog brushes and combs, dog nail clippers, files, ear and eye products, and dental care.

Dog Brushes

A dog brush or comb can help to detangle their fur as well as help with shedding and moulting. Aside from dog shampoo, dog brushes are an effective grooming tool to help to maintain a healthy smooth coat. We stock a wide range of dog combs and brushes including wide bristles to thick for all kinds of coat types.

Dog Nail Clippers

A crucial part of dog grooming is keeping their nails in check. If your dog’s nails get too long, it can cause them pain and discomfort when walking. And while most dog’s nails get trimmed naturally when walking on concrete, it’s still important to inspect and trim their nails on a regular basis. Do so using our range of dog nail clippers, but make sure you only clip the tip of the nail straight across and avoid clipping past the curve of the nail as it can be painful to trim too high up.

Dog Eye and Ear Wipes

Caring for your dog’s ears and eyes are also essential in dog grooming. We stock facial wipes for dogs to take care of these sensitive areas and help keep their faces clean of debris, tear stains, or eye crust. From eye and ear wipes, and solutions, we have a wide range of dog eye and ear treatments.

Dog Toothbrushes

Last but not least is caring for your dog’s dental hygiene. We have a range of dog toothbrushes to clean your dogs’ teeth and gum lines to add the finishing touches to your dog’s grooming routine. We have a wide range of other dog dental care products including toothpaste, oral gel, chews and more.