Small Pet Fleas, Lice & Mite Treatment

Protect your guinea pig, hamster, or other small pets from being bothered by parasites. Keep fleas, lice and mites away and let them enjoy being happy and comfortable. Save on brands like Advantage and Xeno who provide guinea pig flea treatment and hamster flea treatment, as well as many others.


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Showing 7 Product

Why Should You Treat Your Small Pet for Fleas, Lice and Mites?

Fleas and ticks are not only dangerous for your small pet but can infest your home and even you. By getting on top of the problem and putting preventive measures in place, you are giving your pet the defence hey need to maintain their health and promote good wellbeing. While regular treatment can feel like a chore, feel reassured that our treatments are easy to use with simple instructions for quick application and a hassle-free process. Unfortunately, fleas, lice and mites can infect your pet with worms meaning they will become ill and require further worming treatment.

Even if these fleas, lice and mites are not visible, they can do damage to your small animal quickly and without signs until your pet is suffering from symptoms or side effects. These can go beyond itching and include myxomatosis, anaemia, infections, tapeworms, and the release of other toxins into their bloodstream. A regular grooming routine will help you to get closer to your pet to look for these parasites. Not only this but treating them every few weeks with the treatment will defend against infestation, protecting your pet from diseases.

The Best Flea Treatments for Small Animals

We have well established brands to bring you only the most effective and pet-friendly treatments on the market. These veterinary experts include Xeno, Advantage and F10.


Designed to prevent parasite infestations including mite, lice and ticks on your small pet. With five-star ratings and endless benefits, out vet says, ‘Our customers really rate this. For small pets with an infestation or to prevent one, this is a good choice.’.


Advantage Spot on Flea Treatment is one of our all-time best sellers, with endless five-star reviews and veterinary-approved formulas, this range of treatments is ideal for small pets. Using this treatment will help kill fleas within one day after application. One treatment prevents further flea infestations for up to a week on rabbits for example. Our vet says, ‘Advantage spot on treatments are a popular choice for preventing and treating flea infestations on rabbits.’.


F10 have created several products in this range to care for your pet’s skin and fur against fleas, lice and mites. Firstly, their Germicidal Wound Spray with Insecticide helps to kill potentially harmful microorganisms that could harm your pet. Our vet says, ‘If your small pet has a small wound, spray this to fight any bacteria or fungi to prevent infestations of fly strike. A few squirts is normally all that is needed. You can also use this spray to prevent any infestations occurring.’.