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Prevent feeling frustrated or stressed that your dog will not take their medication. Our range of pill givers for dogs can help to deliver what they need quickly and simply, making the experience hassle-free.


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How to Feed Your Dog Their Medication

If your dog or puppy keeps spitting their pills out or refuses to open their mouth, dog pill giver can turn an unpleasant and unsuccessful into one that helps keep their health tip-top. Going through treats and tasty pastes can feel like a waste of time when your dog works out what is lurking inside, but these pill givers and crushers can be make the whole process quick and easy.

Your dog’s health is at the heart and foundation of what we do and making sure they receive the right medication or treatment is always a priority for both us and you. However, having a reluctant dog when trying to give them medication and treatment can be frustrating, not only are you trying to deliver their care, but want to do so quickly and effectively. Read on for some advice on the best brands.

The Best Pill Givers for Dogs

Pill givers can allow you to keep at a safe distance while applying the treatment to your dog’s mouth and can help you both bond through the positive experience. Our range of pill givers have been expertly designed by vets with years of experience and will instantly provide simplicity to your dog’s treatment application.

Enjoy shopping with expert brands with their five-star rated products and feel reassured you’re getting the best value for your money. Choose from the nation’s favourites including Royal Canin and Catac.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin consistently provide quality and always design their products to bring successful results. Our vet says, ‘Royal Canin have produced this tasty and easy to swallow pill pocket for fussy pets. You mould it around the tablet or capsule and your dog is none the wiser! It also contains some vitamins and prebiotics to sneak into them too!’.


Catac are well known for their trusted reputation, and they provide a helpful and successful pill giver which eases the experience for both you and your pet. It opens and divides to hold the pill while positions it to the back of the mouth. The plunger then releases the pill to the back of the mouth where it is not possible to be spat out.

A Trusted Team for your Pet's Medical Needs

Trust us to fulfil your prescribed medication whenever you need from our Somerset warehouse, organised by a family of experts, vets and pet owners.