Dog Toys

Dog toys are an important part of their playtime and most importantly, your pooches' health and wellbeing. Browse our range below, from balls to chew toys, for dogs big and small, that'll help to keep your pets' mind active and their day exciting.


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    KONG Comfort Kiddos - Dog Moderate Chew Toys 3263
    KONG® Comfort™ Kiddos Moderate Chew Toy for Dogs
    4 products in range £6.35 £8.45
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    Chuckit! Tennis Ball 3250
    Chuckit!® Tennis Balls for Dogs
    3 products in range £3.40 £5.95
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    KONG AirDog® Squeaker Dumbbell Dog Toy 1506
    KONG® AirDog® Squeaker Dumbbell Toy for Dogs
    3 products in range £4.69 £6.12
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    KONG AirDog® Fetch Stick With Rope Dog Toy 1503
    KONG® AirDog® Fetch Stick With Rope Toy for Dogs
    2 products in range £4.99 £7.99
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    Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ball 3256
    Chuckit!® Ultra™ Squeaker Balls for Dogs
    2 products in range £7.64 £10.19
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    KONG Puppy Dog Toy 1523
    KONG® Puppy Toy for Dogs
    3 products in range £5.39 £9.16
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    KONG Scrunch Knots - Dog Moderate Chew Toy 3265
    KONG® Scrunch Knots Fox Moderate Chew Toy for Dogs
    2 products in range £5.04 £9.44
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    KONG AirDog® Squeaker Football Dog Toy 1507
    KONG® AirDog® Squeaker Football Toy for Dogs
    2 products in range £4.99 £6.12
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    KONG Cozie™ Brights 4447
    KONG® Cozie™ Brights Toy for Dogs
    2 products in range £5.34 £6.48
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    KONG SqueakAir® Tennis Ball Dog Toy 1509
    KONG® SqueakAir® Tennis Ball Toy for Dogs
    2 products in range £3.95 £4.69
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    KONG® Comfort™ HedgeHug Toy for Dogs
    KONG® Comfort™ HedgeHug Toy for Dogs
    3 products in range £6.55 £9.49
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    Kong Dental Stick 1511
    KONG® Dental Stick™ Toy for Dogs
    3 products in range £4.78 £7.80
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    Beco Recycled Rough N Tough Dog Toy 2740
    Beco Recycled Rough N Tough Toy for Dogs
    11 products in range £7.98 £10.98
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    KONG Classic Dog Toy 1519
    KONG® Classic Toy for Dogs
    5 products in range £4.99 £14.40
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    Chuckit! Max Glow Launcher Pro With Glow Ball  4418
    Chuckit!® Max Glow™ Pro Launcher with Glow Ball for Dogs
    2 products in range £18.70 £20.39
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    Chuckit! Ultra Ball 2 Pack 3259
    Chuckit!® Ultra® Balls for Dogs
    2 products in range £7.64 £9.35

Showing 1-24 of 117 Products


Why Do Dogs Need Toys?

Just like humans, dogs can get bored. So, supplying plenty of toys to keep them active and stimulate their brain is an important part of dog ownership. You can also use toys as a reward during training.

Our collection of toys will encourage your dog to stay active and even socialise with other dogs and pets. We're sure you'll find the perfect toy for your dog in our range, which includes softer toys for nervous dogs, balls for interactive play, tough toys for chewers, and more. 

Best Dog Toys

Which dog toy is best for your dog, depends on their personality and circumstances. Most toys designed for dogs will stimulate a predator reaction, which will stimulate your dog. This includes chewing, chasing and squeaky toys, which will allow your dog to use their natural instincts.

But just like humans, dogs have their own personalities and preferences. Some dogs are big chewers, others prefer soft toys If you have a new dog, it can be trial and error to find out what they like. Here are some firm favourites for your dog's playtime:

Dog Toys for Chewers

Tough dog toys are a firm favourite if you have a chewer. If you have a breed with strong jaws that likes to chew, such as a Staffie, look for an indestructible dog toy (though take this with a pinch of salt, as if your chewer wants to destroy it, they will find a way).

When it comes to toys for chewers, look at rope toys, as these can be tough and safe to chew. Kong are known for their tough dog toys, and for serious chewers they have the Kong Extreme, which is also a great boredom buster. Nylabones are another good option for chewers, as these are hard, durable and often flavoured too.

With any chew toy, be sure to supervise your dog when playing, as even though these toys are safe for dogs, there is always a small risk in them swallowing bits that they have chewed off.

Dog Toys for Boredom

If you're likely to be leaving your dog on their own, dog toys can help relieve boredom. For this you want some tough toys that they do not need supervising with.

Dog food toys are a great boredom buster, as they also reward your dog and give them something to focus on as you're not around. Kong have various food toys that you can stuff to keep your dog entertained. You can use their paste to stuff the toy with, or stuff it with treats you know your dog will love. There are also food cubes and lick mats that can keep your dog entertained when you're not around.

Squeaky Dog Toys

Soft dog toys with a squeaker are firm favourites with shyer dogs that prefer to play on their own. The squeaker will keep your dog interested in the toy, as they are stimulated by the noise. Our range of squeaky toys includes plush toys that are great for smaller and younger dogs, and those that don't really chew.

We also have squeaky dog toys in our Kong range for chewers that also like a soft toy, as this brand makes tougher dog toys. These squeaky toys aren't as soft as plush but will still squeak and keep your dog entertained. Be aware that if your dog is a chewer, do not leave them unsupervised with a squeaky toy, as the squeaker can be swallowed if they chew the toy up.

Play Toys

If you're looking for toys that allow you to play with your dog, there's plenty available in our range. Playing games with your dog is a great bonding experience for you and your dog, which is important whether you have an older dog or a new furry family member.

From dog balls and frisbees for playing fetch when on a walk, to rope toys for playing tug. You can also find indoor fetch toys, which are softer and so safe to use in the home if your dog wants to play when their inside.

Whatever game your dog likes to play with you, you can find a suitable dog toy in our range.

Small Dog Toys

If you have a small dog, it can seem difficult to find a suitable toy, some toys may even be bigger than your pooch! Luckily, there are toys specifically made for smaller dogs, which you can find in our range. These smaller toys tend to be softer, and so kinder to smaller teeth and jaws. But don't worry, if you have a small chewer, there are still rope and tough toys that are suitable for your dog.

Whatever your dog's playtime needs, we're sure you'll find something in our range. From chew toys to soft toys, you can keep your dog entertained, exercised, and keep your bond strong through play. If you ned any help deciding on a new dog toy for your pooch, contact our team, who can help you find the perfect toy for your dog.