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Hill's Prescription Diet

Specially formulated to improve the quality of your pet's life, browse the Hill's Prescription Diet Dog & Cat Food range.

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  1. You save 34%
    Hill's Z/D Food Sensitivities Prescription Diet Dog Food
  2. You save 20%
    Hill's I/D Digestive Care Prescription Diet Dog Food
  3. You save 19%
    Hill's C/D Urinary Stress Prescription Diet Dog Food
  4. You save 31%
    Hill's Prescription Diet I/D Low Fat Canine
  5. You save 38%
    Hill's U/D Urinary Care Prescription Diet Dog Food
  6. You save 23%
    Hill's J/D Joint Care Prescription Diet Dog Food
  7. You save 23%
    Hill's L/D Liver Care Prescription Diet Dog Food
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Hill’s Prescription Diet

Diet food for dogs, dental care for dogs, kidney care for cats, digestive food, mobility and more. Hill’s Prescription Diet pet food has your pet covered.

No matter what the health issue your pet is facing, Hill’s have a prescription diet that will help. They know that a clever balance of science and yummy flavours are a winning combo. Your pet won’t be able to resist.

We’re pretty sure that the discounted Hill’s Prescription food at Pet Drugs Online is going to whet your appetite too. How does up to 54% off sound? Delicious!

Choose from our range of Hill’s for your pet and select the type of delivery which suits you. Then sit back and wait for us to deliver your pet food to your door.