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Make the perfect choice from our high-quality range of nutritious rabbit food. Browse the best option from rabbit treats to rabbit pellets and help make their mealtimes a highlight of the day. Shop the nations favourites at sustainable prices so that you always have options from the best rabbit food. Shop from trusted brands including Excel, Oxbow, and Science Selective.


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Nutritious Rabbit Food

Every rabbit deserves wholesome and nourishing mealtimes and snacks. Deliver a healthy and well-balanced diet to support your small pet wellbeing and take care for the vitamins and minerals they need to thrive. Boost their energy and protect them from illnesses or poor health with nourishing recipes approved by our veterinary experts. Eating a lot of hay and grass will help to wear down rabbit’s teeth when they are constantly growing as well as keeps their tummies healthy.

However, it’s important to deliver them a bowl of nutritious food to give your rabbit variety and a balanced diet. Not only will this help them to keep excited with their food but deliver a broader spectrum of vitamins.

The Best Rabbit Food Brands

Put a spring in their hop to reflect their great diet paired with an active lifestyle. We've teamed up with popular brands to make sure the ingredients you're feeding your rabbit is professionally approved and features on high-quality formulas. Popular brands that we feature include Excel, Oxbow and Science Selective. From junior, dwarf, maturing or recovering, your rabbit will flourish and thrive from their premium diet. This range has been designed to meet their needs and suit their characteristics.


One of our vet’s favourite is Excel purely for their variety and choice. Their Tasty Nuggets for Junior & Dwarf Rabbits is a delicious complementary food for your rabbit. At an excellent price, your pet will be delivered fibre, prebiotics to help develop their digestive system, high levels of protein for muscle development and fortified vitamins and minerals for healthy eyes, skin and coat. It contains higher nutrients to support their metabolism and hosts a cocktail of antioxidants to care for their immune system. One of their other bestsellers is the Tasty Nuggets for Rabbits which has a range of five-star reviews all commenting on its convenience and benefits. Some of them include ‘My rabbits adore these pellets.’, ‘Always give the bunny these.’ And ‘Giant house rabbit loves them and they are value for money.’.


Oxbow has researched rabbits and small pets for years to bring you excellent quality food for a great price. Their premium recovery food Critical Care Fine Grind is to help herbivores who are unable to eat due to illness, surgery or poor nutritional status. Specialising in boost nutrients in weaker rabbits, this food contains high amounts of fibre to ensure proper gut physiology and digestion.

Science selective

A household name that is a particular bestseller is Science Selective’s range of rabbit food. Formulated to nutritionally complete your rabbit’s diet to deliver everything they need within the portion. Key benefits include high amounts of fibre to help healthy teeth and tummies, a rich amount of natural ingredients with antioxidants to care for their immune system and are highly palatable. Described by our customers as, ‘Brilliant stuff for keeping rabbits and their teeth healthy. Low calcium content and high fibre make it the best on the market in my view.’.