Oral Syringes & Insulin Needles for Dogs

Dog syringes are a store cupboard essential if your dog has diabetes. Discover veterinary-grade oral syringes and insulin needles, ensuring accurate medication dosage and safe insulin administration for diabetic dogs. Shop now for cheaper online prices!


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Diabetes in Dogs 

Diabetes is a metabolism disorder that can affect dogs just as much as in can us humans. Although diabetes can’t be cured it can be managed very successfully. To understand what diabetes is, you need to understand the glucose-insulin connection.

Glucose is the essential fuel for the body’s cells. When food is digested the body breaks down the nutrients into glucose which a type of sugar that is a vital source of energy. Insulin oversees fuel delivery and acts as a ‘gatekeeper’ that tells cells to grab glucose and other nutrients to use them as fuel.

With diabetes this glucose-insulin connection is not working as it should. Diabetes in dogs occurs in two forms: insulin-deficiency and insulin-resistance.

Insulin-deficiency diabetes

This is when the dog’s body isn’t producing enough insulin. This happens when the pancreas is damaged or otherwise not functioning properly. Dogs with this type of diabetes need daily shots to replace the missing insulin. This is the most common type of diabetes in dogs.

Insulin-resistance diabetes

This is when the pancreas is producing some insulin, but the dog’s body isn’t utilizing the insulin as it should. The cells aren’t responding to the insulin’s “message,” so glucose isn’t being pulled out of the blood and into the cells. This type of diabetes can especially occur in older, obese dogs.

Treatment of Diabetes in Dogs

Your veterinarian can do simple tests to check for diabetes, including testing for excessive glucose (sugar) in the blood and urine.

The sooner diabetes is diagnosed, and treatment begun, the better chance the pet has of a normal life.

  • Diet – your vet will recommend the best type of diet for your diabetic dog; this usually includes protein and well as fibre and low-fat content. We also offer condition-specific diabetic dog food that you can view here.
  • Exercise - to help avoid sudden spikes or drops in glucose levels, it is especially important that diabetic dogs maintain a moderate but consistent exercise routine.
  • Injections - most diabetic dogs will require daily shots of insulin under the skin.

The Right Syringe for Canine Insulin 

The goal of managing diabetes is to maintain glucose and eliminate signs and symptoms of diabetes which can include your pet drinking more water than normal or frequent toilet breaks. Help manage diabetes and feel confident with our range of insulin syringes for dogs which deliver insulin to your pet easily and effectively with a trusted brand.

Not only do these dog syringes come in different sizes for different breeds and ages, but our team are on hand to help answer any question you may have regarding what is right for your pet. Starting from the basics, it’s important to know that the number of insulin units are also used in the matching syringe, i.e., U-40 insulin must be used in a U-40 insulin syringe.

Another tip is to look for the marking on the syringe as this will help gauge how thin the needle is and if this is what has been recommended by your advisor. Your vet will have you given instruction of the dosage of insulin your dog’s needs, simply place an order on our prescription page.


Our vet loves SOL-M, he says ‘If your pet has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, or if you’re nervous of injecting- these syringes are really easy to use. Small and light, they have a transparent barrel and clear markings- making it easy to measure dosage. A popular choice with our customers.


ProZinc is a trusted and familiar brand for those with pets who have diabetes. Not only can you save 30% on these syringes but they’re vet approved. Our vet says, ‘These syringes are for use with ProZinc only for doses up to 12 units of insulin. If your pet has diabetes, this is a good quality syringe which is often recommended by vets.

Fill your dog’s first aid kit with SOL-M and Pro Zinc to feel reassured that you can deliver whatever your dog needs quickly and effectively.