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We offer a wide range of cat litter to keep your home smelling fresh and feeling dry, and most importantly to keep your cat comfortable.


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    Cat's Best OkoPlus Clumping Wood Cat Litter
    Cat’s Best® Original Clumping Wood Fibre Cat Litter
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    Smart Cat Wood Litter for Cats
    Smart Cat Wood Litter for Cats
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    Uri Cat Kit Urine Sample Collection Kit 200g
    Uri Cat Kit Urine Sample Collection Kit 200g
    2 products in range £5.48 £20.99
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    Covetrus® LUMPY Silica Cat Litter with Pink Pearls
    Covetrus® LUMPY Silica Cat Litter with Pink Pearls
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    World’s Best Cat Litter™ Original Unscented
    World’s Best Cat Litter™ Original Unscented
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    Breeder Celect Cat Litter
    Breeder Celect Cat Litter
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    FRESH NEWS® Recycled Paper Cat Litter Pellets
    FRESH NEWS® Recycled Paper Cat Litter Pellets
    2 products in range £15.98 £24.98

Showing 11 Product

The Best Cat Litter 

At Pet Drugs Online, we have a wide range of high-quality and cheap cat litter. All of our cat litter is sourced from top brands and veterinary experts and has been designed to take care of the tricky business while you and your cat can enjoy bonding and keeping each other company

Take pride in your fresh-smelling home and impress guests with a clean and tidy environment for you and your cat to enjoy with our scented cat litter. The best cat litter for your cat all depends on personal preferences. But you can choose from a selection of cat litter from well-known brands that all boast their own benefits.

Catsan Cat Litter 

Our range of Catsan litter includes Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter. This cat litter offers mineral protection to support cat hygiene with individual grains that soak up the fluids. It inhibits bacteria formation and absorbs any odours meaning this cat litter makes sure that both your home and your cat remain clean and smell-free. Catsan litter has strong absorbency so the litter won’t stick to your cat’s paws and won’t create dust forming when changing.

Breeder Celect Cat Litter

Our Breeder Celect Cat Litter pellets are made from recycled paper with no additives or chemicals. This cat litter boasts many benefits which include odour control, high absorbency, reduced tracking, and doesn’t mark floors. Also, this cat litter is long-lasting, easy to handle, and biodegradable so better for the environment.

Cat’s Best Cat Litter

Cat’s Best OkoPlus Clumping Cat Litter is an organic cat litter made from 100% natural fibres. This cat litter has a natural odour, traps germs, and is compostable and biodegradable. It is a great clumping cat litter with excellent absorption, which means it's easier to transport and dispose of, leaving no dust behind.

Cat Urine Sampling Kits

Alongside cheap cat litter, here at Pet Drugs Online, we also offer a range of cat urine kits, which allows you to easily sample your cat's urine for testing. These include the likes of KatKor cat litter and Catrine.

KatKor Cat Litter

Perfect for collecting urine and faeces samples from your cat, KatKor Urine Sampling Kit is a non-absorbent cat litter. This cat litter is beneficial for collecting samples to test for various aspects of your cat’s health such as dietary defiencies.

Catrine Cat Litter

If you need to get urine samples from your cat another option is the Catrine Urine Collection Kit. It comes with non-absorbant cat litter and a sterile syringe, which is an effective and stress free way to collect any samples.

How Often Should You Change Cat Litter?

This all depends on your cat and your circumstances. Normally, twice a week is a good guideline for changing cat litter. But, you may need to replace your cat litter every other day or once a week. You might also only need to change your cat litter every two to three weeks if you have a clumping cat litter, as these absorb the liquid better and make it easier to clean.

How To Dispose of Cat Litter

The best way to dispose of cat litter is to use a litter scoop to pick up all the clumps and place in a small garbage bag, which when full can be put in a normal outside bin. To prevent odour and any bacterial leakage it's a good idea to double bag your scooped litter

Because you only need to dispose of the scooped urine and stool clumps, you don’t need to throw away all of the cat litter. Make sure to scoop regularly, and when it comes time to change and get rid of the old cat litter you can dispose of it the same way, in the bin.

Although some cat litter types, such as Cat’s Best OkaPlus Cat Litter can be disposed of in the normal household toilet. However, be sure to check your local disposal regulations before doing this. As a general rule, always dispose of cat litter in the bins.

High-Quality Cheap Cat Litter

At Pet Drugs Online we’ve got you covered with cheap cat litter from well-known brands. Choose from a selection of cat litter online and you can fill up your cat’s litter tray and know that your cat and home are well cared for. Get free delivery on cat litter when you spend over £39 and fill your basket with other essentials and cat accessories.