KatKor Urine Sampling Kit

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KatKor non absorbant cat litter is anables you to easily collect urine and faeces samples from your cat.
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Product Details

KatKor Urine Sampling Kit

KatKor non absorbant cat litter is the leading product for collecting urine( protein, glucose, acetones, blood and weight) and faeces samples from your cat for worm, eggs and digestion markers.

The products benefits include: differentiate the various types of bladder stones (calcium oxalate crystals, urate crystals and struvite crystals), easier to choose the right diet for your cat: an anti-struvite diet or a diet to treat oxalate or urate urolithiasis and your vet can now determine more accurately when to change over from a diet that reduces inflammation to a diet that prevents recurrence.

Administration: Clean the litter tray thoroughly, rinse with clean lukewarm water to remove remaining traces of cleaning/bleaching agent, dry the litter tray using kitchen paper or toilet paper, 2 sprinkle KatKor onto the middle of the litter tray and return the tray to original location.