Liquid Cat Food & Milk Substitutes

Browse a wide range of liquid cat food to support elderly or poorly cat’s digestive systems in order to deliver nutrition to keep them well-nourished. They're rich in flavour so they're extra appetising and full of everything they need. Shop and save from brands including Royal Canin, Stride and Cimicat.


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Showing 9 Product

The Best Liquid Cat Foods

At Pet Drugs Online, we’ve got a collection of liquid cat food so that you can rest easy that your pet is being delivered the best nutrition for their body quickly and easily. Ideal for weaning food into your cat’s digestive system, this range features products which have been developed to deliver nourishment for cats who may have chronic renal failure, gum disease, a poor appetite or have recently had oral surgery. These foods are also designed to top up their hydration levels and support recovery and even give them an energy boost. This range makes feeding your cat easier than ever, encouraging a stronger bond between you. Our range includes:

Kitten Milk

Enjoy feeding your new family member milk that will keep them well-nourished and strong in their development. Royal Canin have precisely formulated your pet’s specific needs and is a great way of supporting their digestive health. Get them on the right start in life and support their needs with kitten liquid food.

Liquid Food for Adult cats

With a whole range of dietary supplements, our collection of liquid cat food will help your pet to recover quickly and strengthen their energy. From Stride Plus Liquid Feline containing glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and hyaluronic acid to Oralade GI Support Recovery Liquid for Cats that helps with gut health and recovery or dehydration, there’s plenty of choice to suit you and your cat.

Liquid Cat Food with Pet Drugs Online

Give care to your pet regardless of their abilities and support them with liquid food to deliver vitamins and minerals while strengthening their energy and organs. Keep them well-nourished and promote good health for a great quality of life.