Horse Digestion & Gut Balancers

Give them all the nutrients they need by supporting them with a healthy digestive system and a balanced gut. Browse our equine gut balancers, digestive supplements and wellbeing products to ensure they are getting the very best from their food. Love them well for less.


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  1. Audevard Nexmectin Horse Wormer 5781
    AUDEVARD NEXMECTIN® Oral Paste for Horses 18.7 mg/g
    2 products in range £5.69 £102.00
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    Succeed Digestive Conditioning Program In Paste Or Granules 2576
    SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program® for Horses
    4 products in range £46.99 £199.99
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    Protexin Gut Balancer For Horses 9859
    Protexin® EQUINE PREMIUM Gut Balancer for Horses
    4 products in range £15.39 £208.99
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    NAF Biotics for Horses 101201
    NAF Biotics Gut Health and Digestion Supplement for Horses
    2 products in range £16.19 £32.59
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    Protexin Acid Ease for Horses 11350
    Protexin® EQUINE PREMIUM Acid Ease for Horses
    2 products in range £44.99 £78.99
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    Verm-X Equine 2183
    Verm-X® ORIGINAL Gut Vitality Supplement Pellets for Horses
    2 products in range £11.80 £36.40

Showing 22 Product

Why Are Digestion Supplements and Gut Balancers Important?

Depending on the time of year, your horse will have access to graze on a whole range of grasses, plants and feeds. It's important to manage change and prevent pain or discomfort (plus any costly trips from the vet) and our range of digestive treaments do just that. Supplements that focus on the horse's gut allow them to absorb as many nutrients as possible and prevent excess gastric acid. A healthy gut health and function shows on the outside too!

Protexin Gut Balancer

This balancer has been designed for horses and ponies to create general digestive wellbeing and for horses who are prone to digestive upsets. Described by out vet as, ‘If your horse is prone to an upset stomach, this prebiotic should help normalise digestive function on a continuous basis. You can also use it at those times when your horse’s gut is disrupted, in times of stress for example.’.

Coopers Gut Support

This stable favourite is for daily use to help maintain normal gut function. With five-star reviews, your horse will be supported with prebiotic and probiotic pellets for a smoother gut function. Naturally rich in amino acids for nutritional recovery, convalescence and for horses finding it difficult to maintain condition, Coopers Gut Support is ideal for your horse’s wellbeing. Reviewed as ‘Excellent’ and ‘Super’, you can count on us to have you covered.

Audevard Ekygard Digestive Support for Horses

Audevard Ekygard Digestive Support for Horses is a nutritional supplement that helps to prevent too much stomach acidity. Encouraged to use throughout the year, this product helps highly acidic environments or pasture, particularly during exercise or if your horse is stressed. Our vet says, ‘This is nutritional supplement for horses, to support normal digestion. Lots of things can affect your horse’s ability to absorb food- stress and exercise, for example. This product contains good bacteria to help the sensitive lining of your horse’s stomach. You should see an increase in appetite, performance and overall quality of life.’.