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Anxiety in Horses header
28 February 2024

Anxiety in Horses

Are Online Per Pharmacies Safe?
10 January 2024

Are Online Pet Pharmacies Safe?

Being able to shop online has made getting the things you need all the easier for people across the world! But what about your pet's medicine? Here, we walk through what is required for a company to sell pet medicine online, what accreditations to look out for, and how to order a pet prescription on Pet Drugs Online.

Firework Stress for Pets Header
1 November 2023

Why Are Pets Scared of Fireworks & What Can You Do to Help

While we find fireworks delightful, they can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in pets. Here we discuss the effects fireworks may have on your pet and how you can help them cope with this Bonfire Night.

Bringing a horse back to work header
21 August 2023

How to Bring a Horse Back into Work

Getting back to work after a much-needed rest can be a challenge, and not just for people. In our latest blog, we discuss what needs to be taken into account when bringing your horse back to work after a rest, including changes to their feed, whether supplements are necessary, and more.

Skin Conditions in Horses Header
24 July 2023

Horse Skin Conditions

Make sure your horse’s health is in tip-top condition inside and out with this handy guide to horse skin conditions. Here, we discuss how to spot, treat and prevent multiple skin conditions in horses, including mud fever, rain scald, and sweet itch.

Tend Care in horses banner
12 June 2023

Tendon Care in Horses

Caring for your horse's limbs is an essential part of their care to ensure optimum mobility and to avoid problems such as horse tendon injuries which can leave your horse on box rest for weeks. Here, we talk about the importance of tendon care for horses, including some of the possible tendon injuries in horses as well as horse tendon treatment.

What is Equine Therapy | Pet Drugs Online
25 May 2023

What is Equine Therapy?

Horses have been one of mankind's loyal companions for centuries, so it's no surprise that these magnificent animals can significantly impact your mental health. In this blog, we discuss what equine therapy is as well as the benefits of horse therapy for your mental health. 

What is an emotional support animal header
8 May 2023

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

It’s no secret that being around animals can help lift your spirits, so it shouldn’t surprise that some people have taken this to a new level by using an Emotional Support Animal to help them manage their day-to-day life and struggles. Here, we explore what an Emotional Support Animal is, as well as current laws and regulations surrounding them in the UK. 

Teh difference btween a foal, filly and colt
16 February 2023

The Differences Between a Foal, a Filly and a Colt

It can be confusing for first-time horse owners to get their heads around the terminology used in the horse community to differentiate between horses by age and gender. That's why we've put together this short guide to help you understand what people mean when they refer to horses are either a foal, filly or colt.

Can dogs and horses be friends?
29 December 2022

The Relationship Between Dogs and Horses

Dogs and horses are two animals that seem to spend a lot of time together, thanks to their relationships with humans. But what does that mean for these two animals? Can dogs and horses be friends?