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Encourage the wellbeing of your cat and take the best care of their digestive system with fast-acting support. Ensure the nutrients from our five-star rated cat food range is being delivered to your pet’s digestive system with Protexin, Pro Kolin for cats and Purina.

Cat digestion products can be a life-long expense, take a look at our prices before you shop anywhere else to save on top brands like Protexin, Royal Canin and Hill's.

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  1. You save 45%
    Cephacare 50mg 1703
    Cephacare 50mg
    SRP £0.74
    Save £0.34
  2. You save 25%
    VBS Clay Powder 2181
    VBS Clay Powder
    SRP £24.50
    Save £6.32
  3. You save 35%
    Carbodote Oral Suspension - Charcoal for Dogs and Cats 4664
  4. You save 22%
    Cephacare 250mg 2982
    Cephacare 250mg
    SRP £1.00
    Save £0.22
  5. You save 48%
    Canikur Pro Paste - Cat And Dog Probiotic 1672
    Canikur Pro Paste - Cat And Dog Probiotic
    SRP £17.57
    Save £8.58
    Special Offer
  6. You save 27%
    CatMalt Hairball Paste
    CatMalt Hairball Paste
    SRP £10.16
    Save £2.82
  7. You save 35%
    Katalax Tube
    Katalax Tube
    SRP £28.70
    Save £10.10
  8. You save 61%
    Kaogel Suspension
    Kaogel Suspension
    SRP £52.80
    Save £32.38
  9. You save 12%
    Laxapet 1350
    SRP £11.86
    Save £1.49
  10. You save 22%
    Logic Firm (Was Diar-Stop) 3924
  11. You save 15%
    Lypex Capsules 1534
    Lypex Capsules
    SRP £77.36
    Save £11.96
  12. You save 26%
    Lax-a-Past Cat Laxative 1527
    Lax-a-Past Cat Laxative
    SRP £13.13
    Save £3.53
    Special Offer
  13. You save 38%
    Protexin Pro-Soluble Dogs/Cats 1384
  14. You save 37%
    Protexin Pro-Enzorb For Dogs & Cats 9977
  15. You save 32%
    Protexin Professional for Cats and Dogs 1385
  16. You save 28%
    Protexin Pro-Kolin+ for Cats and Dogs 905
  17. You save 30%
    Protexin Pro-Fibre For Dogs & Cats 1383
  18. You save 28%
    Purina Pro Plan FortiFlora Cat Food Supplement 2131
  19. You save 82%
    Oralade RF Renal Support For Cats 11364
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Healthy Cat Digestion

In a similar way to humans, cat’s also feel happy and nourished from their diet. Many cats are food-driven, which means they want the most from all of their delicious snacks and meals. As pet owners, we want to provide everything our cat’s need to live long and healthy lives while keeping active in-between. Happy guts mean a happy cats - if your feline friend has lost their appetite, is lethargic or has a poorly tummy, this could be a sign of various cat digestion problems. Cat prebiotics can help to digest food and improve vitamin absorption, while special digestive foods are developed not to irritate the good bacteria in their gut.

The best brands for your cat's digestion

Unfortunately, cats can also suffer from digestive problems which can cause discomfort and prevent them from feeling active and light on their paws. It is therefore crucial to find a formula that works for them to prevent any further pain or developing health problems. This range of digestion aiding products have been developed by experts and vets who want to put your cat first.

We’ve got everything you need from laxatives to relieve digestive pains and constipation to supplements which have been designed to strengthen your cat’s digestive system. Featuring effective formulas and result-driven ingredients, these products will help your cat to get the most from their food. Some of our popular cat digestion brands are:


Protexin are a brand that always puts your pet first. They have developed Pro Fibre pellets to support normal digestion and encourage healthy gut function in your cat. Our vet says, ‘If your pet suffers from digestive problems, this product will almost certainly help. Protexin is a name trusted by vets for high quality, innovative products and Pro-Fibre is a favourite with vets as well as pet owners. It’s tasty for your pet to eat and contains high sources of fibre, pro and prebiotics.’.

Pro Kollin

Pro Kollin supply probiotics to support your cats digestive health, including an advanced formula to support your cat’s health. This delicious chicken-favoured paste specialises in gastrointestinal health in cats. While doubling up to support the immune system, this treatment will help to firm up faeces and absorb excess water in the gastrointestinal tract, giving your cat comfort to live happily.


Purina is the nation’s favourite when it comes to nourishing our pets. They have developed the Pro Plan FortiFlora Cat Food Supplement which contains a special strain of probiotic that has been proven to promote intestinal health and balance. This supplement is guaranteed to have an excellent palatability and may help to nutritionally manage cats with diarrhoea and provide them with a healthy gut.

Cat Digestion Products With Pet Drugs Online

Even if you’re unsure what supplement to try, we’re here to help you choose. Love your pet well for less and save on this range of effective and high-quality solutions for cat digestion problems.