Horse Respiratory Supplements

Save on your horse’s respiratory health with expert-developed supplements delivered straight to your door. Support their wellbeing and ease their breathing with trusted brands like NAF and Audevard.


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Showing 6 Product

Why Do Horses Need Respiratory Supplements? 

Caring for your horse’s respiratory system is a top priority for both yourself and us. We understand how important horse respiratory supplements are for great equine wellbeing. Stressed horses can exert heavier breathing and put pressure on their respiratory system, especially during more intense exercise or when the horse is feeling anxious or spooked. To help aid your horse so they don’t have difficulty breathing, provide them with one of our respiratory supplements for horses to support their health and keep them calm.

The Best Respiratory Supplements for Horses 

Get the air to their lungs effectively with horse cough supplements, powders, or pastes and get great results quickly and effectively. Not only are we providing excellent formulas but a Kruuse Equine Haler Inhalation Mask helps with horse asthma or is a great horse COPD treatment and helps to support and your horse in their more challenging times. With veterinary-expert formulas and unique ingredients, this range of horse respiratory supplements has been professionally developed to meet you and your horse’s needs.


The ultimate horse specialists, Audevard is the only pharmaceutical laboratory exclusively dedicated to equine health and horse coughing remedies. Feel reassured that these experts have put years of experience into their horse respiratory supplements to give your horse the boost they need with the Audevard Balsamic Control. Our vet says, ‘If your horse lives in a dusty environment, or is sensitive to the surrounding air they breathe- this will help to manage any associated respiratory conditions. As it is plant-based, you won’t have a problem with anti-doping tests on racehorses.

NAF Five Star Respirator Boost 

Providing your horse with nutritional support for their respiratory mucosal immune system, this horse respiratory supplement will delicately care for the capillary blood vessels surrounding the lungs and improve their respiratory health. With endless benefits, NAF Five Star Respirator Boost will clear and soothe airways quickly and includes antioxidants within the formula to provide support in your horse’s immune system.

Respimin Respiratory Supplement for Horses 

For horse who require support recovery with respiratory diseases, Respimin Respiratory Supplement is a horse COPD treatment and has been designed to care for equine health after being diagnosed with other conditions. With reviews including ‘Great product and does the job.’ And ‘Certainly helps respiratory problem with elderly pony.’, we can’t wait to hear about your results.