Cat Urinary & Bladder Care

Cats are very clean creatures by nature, but when urinary problems hit they can become distressed and anxious. Managing these conditions can be confusing and worrying, which is why we’ve taken the first steps for you. Browse our cat urinary treatments to help improve your cat’s quality of life and tackle their issues head-on.


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    CYSTAID® Bladder Support Capsules for Cats
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    Protexin® Cystophan Urinary Support for Cats
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Showing 1-24 of 26 Products


Urinary Care for Cats

We always want our cats to be happy and comfortable, especially as they get older. Sadly, sometimes they can develop cat urinary conditions, from UTIs to incontinence, and these can make your pet very upset and stressed with their day-to-day life. We at Pet Drugs Online know how important it is for your cat to be comfortable.

A crucial part of your cat’s wellbeing is being able to go to the toilet successfully and comfortably without pain or any struggling issues. Signs and symptoms of a possible cat urinary infection can include a loss of sleep, spending a lot of time by the litter tray and a loss in appetite. Urinary treatments are designed to flush out the bad bacteria from your cat’s urinary system and leave your cat feeling happy and healthy.

Types Of Cat Urinary Treatments

When it comes to treating your cat, there is a good selection of options available. Some are designed as supplements to help maintain bladder and urinary tract health in your cat, while others are direct cat UTI treatment options that often come recommended by your vet. Before starting any kind of treatment, speak with them to make sure that what you’re doing is best for your feline friend.

Capsules and Tablet Treatments For Cat Urinary Health

Many medicines and supplements come in capsule or tablet form to make it easier to dose. While it may be tricky to get your cat to take these, mixing them in with their food usually works. We stock a variety of options, from preventative cystic supplements like Feliway Cystease Capsules to prescription cat antibiotics for UTI treatments.

Powders and Liquids For Cat UTIs

Sometimes, no matter what we do, our cat just won’t take that pill. That’s why many vets will recommend liquid and powered options for UTI treatment for cats, to help lessen the stress for your puss and yourself. Prescription-only options, such as Veraflox will need the proper documents from your vet to order but can work wonders in helping to get your cat back on the mend.

Supplements For Healthy Cat Urinary Management

The best way to help your pet is to stop conditions from developing in the first place. Of course, we can’t always predict when a UTI or other cat urinary condition happens, but as pet owners, we can take some good steps to defend against other issues. Products like Uri Balance make a good supplement to a healthy diet, help reduce the risk of bladder stones, and can be worked into your cat’s food schedule easily. You can also add other supplements to your cat's diet, and to help with that we carry a range of cat vitamins and supplements for you to consider.


Want a hand choosing the best product for your pet? Simply get in touch with our team today and we’ll help guide you through the best options for your cat.