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Wet dog food is a nutritious choice for your pet. For picky eaters, it makes an appetising meal, and can help dogs to stay hydrated. Browse our wide variety of wet foods, including prescription diets and vet trusted brands, made with quality meat and vegetables. 


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    ROYAL CANIN® Dog Food Hepatic Veterinary Health Nutrition 1450
    ROYAL CANIN® Veterinary Health Nutrition Hepatic Dog Food
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    Dechra SPECIFIC CIW Digestive Support Wet Dog Food 10360
    Dechra SPECIFIC® CIW Digestive Support Wet Dog Food
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Showing 1-24 of 174 Products


What Is The Best Wet Dog Food?

There are many brands of wet dog food to choose from – which is great for dogs, and owners. But it can sometimes be tricky knowing which is the best canned dog food. And honestly, there is no right or wrong choice. As long as the wet dog food you choose is full of good, natural ingredients, which is all the dog food in our range, you won't find any keep fillers in our vet trusted wet food for dogs. The best wet dog food is very much down to your, and your dog's, preferences. Here are some of our most popular brands:

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a well-known and vet-trusted brand, and their wet dog food range has a huge choice. This brand focuses on the science of nutrition and their food is tailored to your dog. You can opt for wet dog foods for the size, breed, medical condition, age and more.


Another brand of wet dog food which is big on biology is Hill's. This brands tinned dog food contains ingredients that support specific needs, and if your dog has a health condition, Hill's Prescription Diet can help to support them.

James Wellbeloved

James Wellbeloved pouches are all about natural goodness and wholesome with real ingredients. Their recipes are simple, and the choice is perhaps more limited than some other wet dog food brands, but dogs love the flavours they supply. As the recipes are simple, this can make a great choice for pups with sensitive tummies

Is it OK to Give a Dog Wet Dog Food Every Day?

Many people believe that dry dog food is better than wet food. But this is not the case! As long as you're feeding a high-quality food, with quality ingredients and no cheap fillers, wet dog food can be just as good as dry. In this case, it's completely fine to feed your dog wet food every day. In fact, for some dogs this is the best option. For instance, picky eaters may prefer wet food, as it can smell and look more appetising. Also, if your pooch doesn't drink much water, wet food can help to keep them hydrated.

Wet puppy food can be preferable for puppies too. It's easier for puppies to eat rather than kibble and will help to keep them hydrated. For the same reasons, choosing a wet senior dog foodcan be a good idea for older dogs, especially if they're finding chewing on kibble difficult. Just make sure you get these dogs a food that is suitable for their age, so that they are getting the correct nutrients they need.

If you need help deciding what wet food is best for your dog, contact one of our team who will be happy to help.