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Shop grain & gluten free cat food and other free from foods to keep them well-nourished to support their growth and development. In this range we have various flavours so your kitty will be spoiled from choice, with vet-trusted food brands to digest and suit your cat’s intolerances.


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Types of Grain Free Cat Food

If your cat has an intolerance or allergy, grain-free cat food can help. You can make sure they are getting everything they need, without the grains that trigger a reaction. Whether your cat prefers wet cat food or dry cat food or a combination of both, we have plenty of hypoallergenic cat food options to choose from.

The Best Grain Free Cat Food

The best hypoallergenic cat food all depends on your cat’s preferences. All of our grain free cat food is easy to digest and full of essential nutrients and minerals to make sure your cat gets everything they need without triggering any allergies or conditions.  It all boils down to the texture and taste, which ranges from either grain free wet cat food or grain free dry cat food in turkey, chicken, or tuna.

By providing your kitty with a balanced meal with grain free cat food you’re able to take back control of their intolerances and watch your cat grow in strength as their symptoms dissolve. From a range of types and flavours, we offer grain free cat food from trusted brands such as James Wellbeloved and Hill’s, as well as other hypoallergenic cat food such as gluten or wheat free with Thrive.

James Wellbeloved Grain Free Cat Food

James Wellbeloved specialises in grain-free and hypoallergenic cat food. This brand’s reputation in pet nutrition proceeds them, and they’re one of the UK’s bestsellers. Their grain-free cat food is carefully crafted and is made with natural ingredients with all the vitamins and minerals that your cat needs, with added prebiotics and natural fibres to aid in digestion. Choose from kitten grain-free food or grain-free cat food for adults in a turkey flavour. And you can choose from dry or grain-free wet cat food, both give you the options to easily avoid triggers and intolerances for your kitty. The James Well-Beloved Grain-Free Turkey Dry cat food is as popular as their wet cat food, giving you options to easily avoid triggers and intolerances and allowing your cat to live healthily and happily.

Hill’s Grain Free Cat Food

Whether you’re looking for kitten grain free food or grain free cat food for a mature cat, Hill’s hypoallergenic cat food is a great choice. They have developed their grain free cat food to a five-star rated recipe, containing high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals for healthy skin, organs, and muscles. For kittens, adults and mature cats our range of Hill’s is also gluten free cat food and comes in chicken flavours with various vegetables. This grain free dry cat food is a great option for cats of all ages to support immunity and healthy digestion.

Other Free From Cat Food

Aside from grain free cat food, we also stock other free from cat food options. These include gluten free cat food and wheat free cat food. Hill’s grain free cat food offers the extra benefit of also being gluten free, but there are also brands which are strictly free from wheat and gluten. This free from cat food is great for kitties with other allergies and sensitivities other than grain.

Thrive Free From Cat Food

Thrive is a firm favourite in any household for hypoallergenic cat food with hundreds of excellent reviews. Their free from cat food is a complete nutritionally balanced meal which contains no added colours, preservatives or artificial flavours. With wheat and gluten free cat food available in tins of chicken or tuna flavours, this hypoallergenic wet cat food is easy to digest and contains all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs.

High-Quality Grain Free Cat Food

We understand that if your cat has an allergy or sensitivity, it can be hard to find the right food for your cat. Our range of hypoallergenic cat food includes well-known and trusted brands. With grain-free and other free-from cat foods available in wet or dry and flavours from chicken, turkey or tuna, you can provide your cat with the food they need at an affordable price. Trust that this range will care for your cat’s needs. Our veterinary experts have approved all of these grain-free cat food products so you can prevent triggers and support their health.

At Pet Drugs Online, we’ve got you covered with the best grain-free cat food at low prices, as well as other allergy relief for cats. If you aren’t sure about which free-from cat food you may need, our friendly team would love to help.