Dog Incontinence Treatment & Urinary Supplements

Dog urinary treatments can help with a wide variety of urine infections, helping to keep your pooch happy and healthy. Whether you need to treat an infection, or give your dog's urinary tract a little extra support, our vet-selected products can help.


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Dog incontinence care

Dog urinary care is a crucial part of your dog’s wellbeing. Making sure they are comfortable and happy helps them to remain active and healthy. If they have developed a dog urinary tract infection or other bladder problems, this can cause deep discomfort and put your dog in pain, meaning they may have a loss in appetite or struggle to sleep.

Our dog urinary tract infection treatment range has been put together by veterinary experts who have collaborated with brands to bring you dog incontinence products which will help balance out any infection and provide care for their bladder. By flushing out the bacteria, your dog will be able to go to the toilet successfully and comfortably, and prevent any further development of kidney issues etc.

The Best Dog Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

This range of dog incontinence products has been built on research to bring you quality and trusted formulations while saving at a cost-effective price. From urinary dog food and supplements, to pastes and tablets, we stock brands such as Uri Balance and Urinaid to offer you and your pet choice.

Protexin Cystopro 

Protexin Cystopro dog urinary tract infection tablets is a  best seller with nearly 100 positive reviews, has been developed to encourage urinary tract health. With antibacterial properties, these tablets deliver quality ingredients to swiftly become effective and relieve your dog. They are also chicken-flavoured to help simplify consumption. However, if you’re still struggling to get your dog to swallow the medication, try using something from our Pill Givers range.

Uri Balance 

Another popular product trusted by hundreds of our customers is Uri Balance, otherwise known as Methigel. Uri-Balance is a highly palatable urinary acidifier that prevents dog incontinence and bladder stones. Our vet says, ‘If your vet has diagnosed bladder stones in your pet, or thinks your pet is at risk, then you’ll know that extra help is required to prevent them from forming or dissolving them away. Uri Balance is often recommended as a good product to use, and it has had some excellent reviews from our customers.’.

Preventing Lawn Burn from Dog Urine 

If your dog isn’t in need of help but your back garden or lawn is, we also have neutralising products which can balance out the acid in their urine. Shop our range of products to prevent lawn burn in the garden including dog rocks in water bowls, or even supplementary tablets meaning both of you can enjoy the garden sun.