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Find your dog's prescription medication with us today. Browse our huge range of prescription dog medications for all conditions including heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, and prescription tick and flea treatments. Make taking care of your dog's health easier with our affordable prices and home delivery.

Save up to 80% on genuine, UK sourced medication, with fast, safe and reliable delivery.

Shop with Pet Drugs Online for an easy and cost-effective way to get your dog and pet prescription medication today.

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  1. You save 62%
    Metacam Oral Suspension for Dogs 435
    Metacam® Oral Suspension for Dogs 1.5mg/ml
    SRP £12.64
    Save £7.85
  2. You save 41%
    Apoquel 16mg 3953
    Apoquel® Film-Coated Tablets for Dogs 16mg
    SRP £3.06
    Save £1.28
  3. You save 40%
    Apoquel 5.4mg 3955
  4. You save 53%
    NexGard Spectra Flea And Worm Treatment For Large Dogs (15 - 30kg) 2273
  5. You save 52%
    Bravecto Chewable Tablets - Medium Dog (10 - 20kg) 3978
  6. You save 53%
    NexGard Spectra Flea And Worm Treatment For Medium Dogs (7.5 - 15kg) 2411
  7. You save 46%
    Surolan Ear Drops and Cutaneous Suspension 1016
  8. You save 46%
    Apoquel® Chewable Tablets for Dogs 16mg
    Apoquel® Chewable Tablets for Dogs 16mg
    SRP £3.30
    Save £1.52
  9. You save 63%
    Vetmedin Chewable Tablets 5mg 3098
    Vetmedin® Chewable Tablets for Dogs 5mg
    SRP £2.08
    Save £1.32
  10. You save 55%
    Bravecto Large Dog (20 - 40kg) 3977
  11. You save 53%
    Malaseb Shampoo 1720
    Malaseb® Shampoo for Dogs and Cats
    SRP £35.88
    Save £19.19
  12. You save 47%
    Optimmune Eye Ointment 902
    Optimmune® Eye Ointment for Dogs 2mg/g
    SRP £71.71
    Save £34.22
  13. You save 69%
    Loxicom Oral Suspension for Dogs 1744
    Loxicom® Oral Suspension for Dogs 1.5mg/ml
    SRP £19.48
    Save £13.49
  14. You save 63%
    Vetmedin Chewable Tablets 1.25mg 917
    Vetmedin® Chewable Tablets for Dogs 1.25mg
    SRP £0.71
    Save £0.45
  15. You save 59%
    Rheumocam Oral Suspension for Dogs 1007
    Rheumocam® Oral Suspension for Dogs 1.5mg/ml
    SRP £27.34
    Save £16.35
  16. You save 40%
    Apoquel 3.6mg 3954
  17. You save 37%
    Apoquel® Chewable Tablets for Dogs 5.4mg
    Apoquel® Chewable Tablets for Dogs 5.4mg
    SRP £1.50
    Save £0.56
  18. You save 54%
    Bravecto Small Dog (4.5 - 10kg) 3975
  19. You save 44%
    Isaderm Gel (formerly called Fuciderm) 1711
    Isaderm® Gel for Dogs 5mg/g + 1mg/g
    SRP £21.32
    Save £9.56
  20. You save 26%
    Pardale V Oral Tablets 1718
    Pardale-Vᵀᴹ Tablets for Dogs
    SRP £0.52
    Save £0.14
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Showing 1-24 of 354 products

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Veterinary Medicines For Your Dog

We stock a variety of veterinary medicines for your dog that can treat different issues such as dental, diabetes, digestion, heart, joint, and more. We offer a wide range of great trusted brands such as Advocate, Advantix, and Activyl and offer different application ways including tablets, liquid, gel and more. This all means you have access to great care for a fraction of the price.

Prescription Anxiety Medication for Dogs

.Many dogs suffer from anxiety issues and they can often be prescribed anti-anxiety medication to help. There are many reasons why a dog might have anxiety, but it is most commonly caused by changes in the household or stressful events like Christmas and Firework Night, or separation anxiety. If your dog has been prescribed a medication like Clomicalm, we have a range of doses including 5mg, 20mg, and 80mg, so you can find exactly what you need with us.

For non-prescription help, have a look at our anxiety relief for dogs.

Prescription Flea, Tick, and Worming Treatments for Dogs

Unfortunately, parasites like fleas, ticks, and worms are a part of owning pets, especially dogs who like to frolic outdoors in all seasons and eat things they shouldn't. We stock a wide range of trusted brands like Advantix, Activyl, and Advocate, which are high-quality prescription parasite treatments for ticks, fleas, ringworms, mites, and more. Available as spot-on or chewable tablets, depending on which your vet has prescribed for your dog's needs.

For more treatment options and non-prescription products, take a look at our dog flea and tick treatments, and wormers for dogs.

Prescription Allergy Medication for Dogs

Allergies and other skin conditions can really impact your dog's quality of life, so they may be given a prescription to help alleviate irritation, treat inflammation and any infections that might occur due to scratching or sores. We have a wide range of allergy tablets, creams, oral solutions, and shampoos available, so you can find your dog's prescription at a low cost.

Follow here to get more information on non-prescription allergy medication and skin treatments for dogs

How to Order Prescription Dog Medication Online

At Pet Drugs Online, our main objective is giving vet quality care and products at affordable prices so you can maintain your dog’s happy and healthy lifestyle. As pet owners, we know how expensive some products can be which can be unsustainable for our pockets and take up funds for other much-needed resources for our pets like treats, toys, and other fun accessories. Therefore, we strive to keep our prices for prescription dog medication low when you fulfil your prescription with us. So, how exactly does it work?

To get a vet prescription to use online, simply book a consultation with your vet and ask them to write a prescription. Then simply order the medication through us and upload the prescription when you check out. We check the details of what you need and take care of it and you can feel confident it is in our trusted hands.

For more information read our Prescription Information page.

Trust us to fulfil your prescribed dog medication whenever you need it from our Somerset warehouse, organised by a family of experts, vets and pet owners.

Is Pet Drugs Online Safe?

We understand the scepticism - no offence taken. Pet Drugs Online is a regulated and accredited retailer. 

While we don't prescribe medications, we ensure that all products we sell are sourced from the same suppliers as your own vet, providing peace of mind for pet owners.

For more information on who we are and how we started, please visit our "Who We Are" page or have a read of the reviews.

Can I acquire a vet prescription online?

No, we do not provide vet prescriptions for dogs online. We recommend that you visit your veterinary practice in person to obtain a proper diagnosis and a valid prescription for your pet's specific health needs. You can then purchase the medication online at cheaper prices than veterinary practices.