Oral Syringes & Needles for Cats

Browse our range of syringes when shopping for your cat’s worming treatment or insulin. Make the delivery of the product easy with these safe and trusted syringes, designed for you to use quickly, easily and effectively at home. Fill your cat’s first aid kit with SOL-M, ProZinc and Terumo.


Choosing the Right Insulin for Your Cat

Choosing the right insulin for your cat is important and your vet should be able to help advise what they need. The number of insulin units should match the correct syringe, for example U-40 insulin must be used in a U-40 insulin syringe. Understanding this will help you to achieve the right results when administering insulin to your cat and give you confidence in learning more about your cat’s condition.

Giving Your Cat the Right Insulin 

Giving your cat a shot of insulin can feel like a worrying experience if you’re unfamiliar, but these cat insulin syringes are designed to put your anxiety to one side and allow you to confidently administer insulin to your cat. The insulin needed for a cat is a crucial part of keeping them happy and healthy while maintaining their diabetes. From brands including ProZinc and Sol-M, we have the best insulin syringes for your cat.

Prozinc’s Cat insulin syringes are veterinary-approved and always puts your cat first. Our vet says, ‘These syringes are for use with ProZinc only - for doses up to 12 units of insulin. If your pet has diabetes, this is a good quality syringe which is often recommended by vets.’.


These cat insulin syringes are high quality and designed to give your cat the best care. Our vet says, ‘If your pet has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, or if you’re nervous of injecting- these 0.5ml syringes are really easy to use. Small and light, they have a transparent barrel with clear markings- making it easy to measure dosage and administer insulin to your cat.