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Dog Toys

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Your dog’s toys are an important part of their playtime and most importantly, their health and wellbeing. Keeping their mind active and their days exciting, our collection of dog toys keep your pet active, engaged, and entertained. Help promote stimulation with a variety of dog toys and puppy toys from popular and quality brands such as KONG, Beco and Buster.

Dog toys - they can never have too many can they? Shop chew toys, plush toys and treat cubes to keep your dog busy and content.

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  1. You save 16%
    Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ring 4439
    Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ring
    SRP £11.99
    You save £1.99
  2. You save 7%
    Chuckit! Breathe Right Fetch Ball 3257
    Chuckit! Breathe Right Fetch Ball
    SRP £10.79
    You save £0.79
  3. You save 16%
    KONG Comfort Kiddos - Dog Moderate Chew Toys 3263
  4. You save 18%
    KONG Extreme Tires Dog Toy
    KONG Extreme Tires Dog Toy
    SRP £9.85
    You save £1.87
  5. You save 9%
    Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit
    Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit
    SRP £12.20
    You save £1.16
  6. You save 16%
    KONG Dr. Noyz Bear Dog Toy 11373
    KONG Dr. Noyz Bear Dog Toy
    SRP £7.38
    You save £1.24
  7. You save 44%
    LickiMat Buddy Tuff 3691
    LickiMat Buddy Tuff
    SRP £11.94
    You save £5.34
  8. You save 9%
    Chuckit! Max Glow Balls 3249
    Chuckit! Max Glow Balls
    SRP £6.59
    You save £0.60
  9. You save 7%
    Chuckit! Pocket Ball Launcher 4401
    Chuckit! Pocket Ball Launcher
    SRP £10.79
    You save £0.79
  10. You save 6%
    Chuckit! Ultra Ring 4402
    Chuckit! Ultra Ring
    SRP £9.59
    You save £0.60
  11. You save 7%
    Chuckit! Fetch Medley Small 3325
    Chuckit! Fetch Medley Small
    SRP £16.19
    You save £1.20
  12. You save 8%
    Chuckit! Breathe Right Stick 3321
    Chuckit! Breathe Right Stick
    SRP £11.99
    You save £1.00
  13. Chuckit! Tennis Ball 3250
    Chuckit! Tennis Ball
    SRP £4.19
  14. You save 12%
    Chuckit! Rope Fetch 3320
    Chuckit! Rope Fetch
    SRP £19.19
    You save £2.39
  15. You save 22%
    Chuckit! Fetch Medley Assorted Medium 3324
    Chuckit! Fetch Medley Assorted Medium
    SRP £17.99
    You save £4.01
  16. You save 9%
    Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball 4403
    Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball
    SRP £27.59
    You save £2.59
  17. You save 16%
    Chuckit! Max Glow ZipFlight 4437
    Chuckit! Max Glow ZipFlight
    SRP £19.19
    You save £3.19
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Playtime with Bestselling Toys for Dogs

Dogs and puppies learn with their mouth, nose, and paws, so giving them toys to stimulate this development is key. Not only are these dog toys fun but they’re pet friendly, meaning they have a reduced risk of being unusable within seconds of playtime.

The collection encourages your dog to stay active and even socialise with other dogs and pets. We have something for all dogs, from teethers, comforters for puppies or nervous dogs to rough play toys which will help to release the energy of an excited four-legged friend.

Stimulation for Dogs and Puppies 

That moment when you pull out their new toy from your Pet Drugs Online delivery, with tails wagging and paws tap dancing across the floor… we know just how important their excitement is and how much you love watching them enjoy playtime. Toy for dogs are an excellent way to provide stimulation for your puppy or older yet active dog, helping them to exercise and remain creative, instinctive, and engaged.

Quality Dog Toy Brands

Shop from a range of exciting toys to re-engage your dog’s mind, keep them on their toes and let them play and explore. Trusted brands including KONG, Beco and Nylabone are all waiting to feature in your dog’s toy basket.


KONG believe that dogs need to play, and so do we. At Pet Drugs Online, we’ve decided to team up with KONG to help your dog with their behaviour, energy release and playtime needs.

Robust on land as well as water, KONG have a selection of toys that stimulate your dog and keep them entertained for hours. From their Classic Dog Toy which you can hide treats in for a slow, delicious release while you’re out or want to keep them busy, to their Dental Stick and Flyer. Care for their dental health and active body and take with you on walks, to the office or keep at home and watch them never leave their KONG toy from their side.


With a variety of tough, springy and interactive toys for dogs who love to chew, rip and shred, Beco will bring you dog not only choice but excitement during playtime. Whether they choose to wrestle or cuddle, Beco have a range of characters, rope toys and balls to help you care for their engagement and energy release.


With dog toy designs for puppies and dogs, Nylabone have created a range of products to help your pet learn, play and bond. Use this expert brand to improve your dog’s dental health, interest in playtime and a strength in chewing. Spare your slipper with a Nylabone chew and let your dog enjoy a refreshing Cooling Ice Dog Ball or Bone, set of Nyalbone Puppy Teething Keys or Peanut Butter flavoured bone.

Find your dog's new favourite toy

Boost their engagement, practise training and recall, care for their dental health, support development and refresh their dog basket. Exercise your dog regularly and get their tails wagging with a colourful surprise in your next order.