Kitten & Senior Cat Food

Give your cat the best nutrition at any age with food specifically designed for their development stage from brand new kitten to junior and then those senior years. Shop from mature cat food to kitten food to keep your cat happy and healthy with the range featuring Royal Canin, Hill’s, Purina, Applaws and James Wellbeloved.

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Health Benefits of Age Specific Cat Food

Your cat will rely on you throughout their life, from being a small kitten to a senior adult and it’s important to give them the correct food as their needs change. The food you choose them will vary depending on their age, and within this collection you can feel confident that the research gone into each product has been thoroughly carried out. Give them the best nourishment and watch the results as they begin to thrive. All of the food within this range has been handpicked by veterinary experts and real people with real cats, meaning it has been chosen by people who know what your cat needs from first-hand experience.

The Best Age Specific Cat Food Brands 

Keep their coat glossy, their eyes healthy, their weight balanced and their dental care pristine with this range of five-star rated specialist brands. Many brands supply age-specific foods, but we only stock the very best at an affordable price. Some of our most popular brands are:

Royal Canin

Make mealtimes a highlight with Royal Canin age specific cat food. From kitten milk which mimics their mother’s milk to Senior Stage food, shop for their development and watch them continue to strengthen.


Save on this famously feline brand and watch their speciality in cats unfold as your pet begins to show signs of good health and a positive diet. Designed to support a healthy digestive system with antioxidants, Purina are a premium brand at an accessible price.

James Wellbeloved

For the past 25 years, James Wellbeloved has researched the best ingredients to feed your cat from a kitten through to their older years. With more flavours than our own menus, your cat will never tire of James Wellbeloved. This brand’s brings results to your cat’s health and their expertise in nutrition becomes obvious in no time. 

Age Specific Cat Food with Pet Drugs Online

Whatever your cat’s age and needs, you can find the best cat food for them in our age-specific cat food. Whether you’re looking for food to give a kitten everything they need to grow, or you need to give an older cat additional support, we have plenty of brands and flavours to choose from. At Pet Drugs Online, we stock the best brands at an affordable price so you can love them well for less.