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Dog collars and leads are an essential item for walkies. With our range you can be practical and stylish with your pooch. We also stock haltis and harnesses, as well as collars with added benefits such as flea collars and calming collars.

Keep your dog looking their best and feeling safe on walks with the range of collars and leads. Here you will find flea and tick control collars, Halti harnesses and reflective dog leads.

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  1. You save 21%
    Animal Instincts Flashing Safety Lead 10034
    Animal Instincts Flashing Safety Lead
    SRP £18.98
    Save £3.99
  2. You save 6%
  3. You save 9%
    Baskerville Muzzle 1060
    Baskerville Muzzle
    SRP £7.33
    Save £0.73
  4. Mikki Nylon Muzzle 1538
    Mikki Nylon Muzzle
    SRP £11.32
  5. You save 18%
    Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light 2305
    Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light
    SRP £21.98
    Save £3.99
  6. You save 6%
    Animal Instincts Flashing Safety Light Sunflower Blinker  10038
  7. You save 17%
    Animal Instincts Flashing Safety Full Shine Nylon Harness 10049
  8. You save 11%
    Orbiloc Reflective Carabiner 2309
    Orbiloc Reflective Carabiner Clip
    SRP £8.99
    Save £1.01
  9. You save 11%
    Orbiloc Adjustable Strap Kit 2314
    Orbiloc Adjustable Strap Kit
    SRP £8.99
    Save £1.01
  10. Orbiloc Strap Kit 2315
    Orbiloc Strap Kit
    SRP £5.99
  11. You save 13%
    Animal Instincts Flashing Safety Poop Bag Holder & Torch  10043
  12. You save 15%
    Animal Instincts Flashing USB Rechargeable Hi Vis Dog Vest 10058
  13. You save 39%
    Adaptil Junior Collar 11681
    Adaptil Junior Collar
    SRP £31.72
    Save £12.62
  14. You save 42%
    Adaptil Calm-On-The-Go Collar 9256
  15. You save 25%
    Comfy Collar 11372
    Comfy Collar
    SRP £12.50
    Save £3.14
  16. You save 41%
    Seresto Collar for Fleas and Ticks on Dogs and Puppies 2251
  17. You save 56%
    Scalibor Collar 1011
    Scalibor Collar
    SRP £47.86
    Save £26.87
  18. You save 43%
    Clix Car-safe Dog Harness 1870
    Clix Car-safe Dog Harness
    SRP £24.98
    Save £10.88
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Quality Dog Collars

Dog collars aren’t just for style but can be a great accessory for your pooch too. Attach an ID tag to help in case they get lost and link your dog lead for walks and days out. Dog collars bring reassurance and help you and your dog feel protected, safe, and secure when you're out of the house.

Our premium collars for dogs can even defend against fleas and ticks, reflect light and flash on late evening walks. They're also often perfect for training and available in all styles and sizes, whatever the breed.

Dog Training Collars

Many pet owners use dog collars to help with training. Whether for social training, use around boarding kennels or even just getting your dog used to walking, we stock a range of calming dog collars to help your dog not get too overwhelmed during training.

Adaptil Calm-On-The-Go dog collar helps to settle nervous dog on walks and in new. These dog collars use your dog’s body heat to diffuse pheromones to limit stress. If your dog struggles with anxiety, we have a wide range of other dog calming products too.

For puppies, collar training takes time and patience. It can also be a very anxious time for your puppy. Make sure you choose a collar for your puppy that fits them now but has room for growth as they grow very quickly. For training, introduce the collar with treats or affection and increase the length of time gradually.

Light Dog Collars

Our range of flashing and reflective dog collars help to keep your dog safe in the dark. Having a light up dog collar allows you, other walkers, and drivers to see your dog. They help to prevent accidents and limit the chance of losing your dog in the dark. Most of our dog collars are waterproof and there's even the option for USB rechargeable flashing lights to clip on your dog’s collar.

Flea and Tick Dog Collars

Dog collars can do more than just identify your dog. They can also protect your dog from fleas and ticks for up to 8 months. Invest now and stay confident that your dog will be safe and sound, no matter what nasty creatures are hanging around the places they most like to visit.

If you need help choosing the correct collar for your dog, our team will be happy to help. Head to our contact page and get in touch.