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RAC 2 in 1 Car Safety & Walking Harness for Dogs

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  • £9.30 £16.16 Save £6.86 Small (30cm-41cm Chest Circumference)
  • £9.89 £16.43 Save £6.54 Medium (41cm-58cm Chest Circumference)
  • £10.22 £19.22 Save £9.00 Large (51cm-76cm Chest Circumference)
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The RAC 2 in 1 Car Safety & Walking Harness is a fully adjustable harness which fits most car belt systems and can be used as a walking harness too.

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Product Details

Your pets can be kept safe in the car using the RAC 2 in 1 Car Safety & Walking Harness. You simply need to plug it into the seat belt to prevent them from distracting you as they won’t be able to move or jump around too much, however the design of the harness means that it distributes the mass of the dog over a wider surface so they will be protected in an emergency situation. 


RAC 2 in 1 Car Safety Harness for Dogs is available in the following sizes:
  • Small (30cm-41cm Chest Circumference)
  • Medium (41cm-58cm Chest Circumference)
  • Large (51cm-76cm Chest Circumference)

Key Benefits

  • Helps restrain the dog and reduce driver distraction
  • Lightweight, comfortable and easy to fit
  • Fits most car belt systems
  • Can also be used as a walking harness

1. Unfasten the plastic buckles and gather the harness into a circle shape like a collar

2. Whilst facing your dog, slip the entire harness over its head. Make sure the D-rings and nylon loop are on the dog’s back and the padded strap is on the dog’s chest

3. Reach between the two parallel straps and one at a time, pull each of the dog’s legs through the holes on the left and right side of the middle padded strap

4. If necessary, adjust the neck and girth straps by moving the plastic slides. After establishing a comfortable fit, fasten the plastic buckles

5. Feed the seatbelt through the nylon loop on the back of the harness and click it into place as usual

6. For use when walking, just clip the lead onto either of the D-rings, or both D-rings for double strength